Yasu Michino On His Label, Michino Paris

If one thing is certain, engineer Yasu Michino gives good arm candy. The Paris-based Japanese engineer founded his eponymous code in 2014 carrying spent time during a vital conform houses including a likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Sonia Rykiel, Nina Ricci and Delvaux. 

For his possess tag though, his ambition is to mix innovative shapes with an strident courtesy to fact and a practicality, after all, they’re designed for a each day, despite a stylish day. Naturally, the collections are designed in Paris and made in Italy with a really best craftsmanship during a heart of a process.

Yasu Michino

Felicity Carter: What was your initial select memory?

Yasu Michino: It was entering a conform propagandize Studio Berçot and a confront with a headmaster Marie Rucki.  She has prepared many designers for many decades and lived by a changes from Haute Couture to Prêt à Porter.  I am really unapproachable to still be in hold with Marie – she has altered me in many ways and how we prognosticate what Fashion is about.  The memory is about entrance to Paris with a dream, a initial day during conform school, not being means to express myself properly in French and a confront with Marie. 

FC: How did we get into a industry?

YM: we always knew we wanted to investigate conform design, though initial we complicated Art story and French Literature during NYU. After my degree, we changed to Paris when we was 20 and enrolled during Studio Berçot.  I interned during Sonia Rykiel, afterwards Givenchy and afterwards we got my initial pursuit during Yves Saint Laurent.   From a really beginning, we was always in a bags dialect and though being conscious about it, we became specialized in leather goods.   

Michino Paris S/S ’18 Campaign

FC: What were a biggest lessons schooled when it comes to fashion?

YM: Great authentic pattern comes from certain energy,  true passion and love for what we are doing.  To pattern something that has definition and sincerity, it has to come from a heart, designed with caring and a lot of consideration.  When we are not happy, we can't emanate good design.  Keeping oneself happy is essential to being a good designer.   

FC: How would we sum adult your aesthetic?

YM: I am shabby by many things, though a cultured clarity is nurtured by a experiences, childhood, and a daily life. we am Japanese, we used to live in a US and now I’ve been vital in Paris for 15 years. we like efficient design, we am a useful person, we transport a lot. If we put all those elements together, my cultured sums up: Japanese simplicity, American fun and functionality, French stylish and nonchalance. 

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