Woman shocked, frightened after her Victoria’s Secret underwear stolen from SC home

Erica Chappell in an picture from WSAV
Erica Chappell in an picture from WSAV

SHELL POINT, S.C. (WSAV) — A Beaufort County integrate reports some of their personal equipment stolen in a burglary, including hundreds of dollars in women’s underwear.

The thievery happened on Dogwood Street in a Shell Point village on Thursday afternoon. The integrate believes it happened during illumination hours while they were during work.

They news $200 in Victoria’s Secret underwear stolen, and makeup, a woman’s marriage rings, a inscription and some ammunition was also stolen.

The personal equipment targeted has plant Erica Chappell harm and concerned.

“It’s unequivocally creepy. It’s unequivocally bizarre. It’s unequivocally unsettling, um, only a things that they took,” Chappell says. “It’s only different, not your standard targeted things when people come in looking to take things from a house.”

Chappell says she was during work on Thursday, when her father told her a news over a phone. He found a wooden post during a drive focussed over, a front doorway ajar. The family has a dog, though he was caged during a time it all happened.

Once inside, Chappell says a bedroom was found ransacked. Sheets were ripped from a bed, sham cases gone. She says it’s an nervous feeling to remember a scene.

“I didn’t get any nap final night. Every small sound woke me up…I said, that unequivocally bothers me. we said, I’m sleeping in a room that some strangers were in not even a integrate of hours ago,” she says.

She’d like to have her marriage ring back. As for a underwear, she’s doubtful during what someone could wish with them. She’s questionable a burglar might have been someone she knows, or someone who has been examination her house.

“I’m meditative it possibly was a womanlike who did it or it was for maybe a partner or mother or something, even somebody who was removing prepared to be due to?” she says.

“It’s surprising that we have a box where a woman’s underwear is targeted for theft. So, this thievery during Shell Point yesterday is kind of alarming, we might be looking for a passionate deviant or somebody with a fetish,” Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office orator Captain Bob Bromage says.

Chappell feels it’s a square of her in someone else’s hands, though she only wants neighbors and others to be wakeful of questionable activity in a area.

“You know, it creates we wonder.”

Investigators contend area watch is a good idea, and to be alert, even during a day. They contend additional patrols can be requested, and if anyone records anything questionable or out of a ordinary, to hit law enforcement.

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