Will Awards Season Ever Be a Same?

Now that Harvey Weinstein has fallen, what else about a awards circuit goes?

Mike Blake/Reuters

Harvey Weinstein helped build a awards circuit as we know it. He’ll be left from this year’s Golden Globes — derided, decried, joked about — though his presence, and controversial legacy, will be everywhere.

Back in a days of VHS, he helped colonize a use of promulgation out screener copies of his movies, seeking his staff to hunt down a addresses of members of a Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Disney acquired his company, Miramax, partly since it wanted a Oscars that Mr. Weinstein would win; a 1993 sale gave Mr. Weinstein vastly some-more money and power.

He ran awards campaigns like wars, winning 6 best design Oscars along a way. Even in new years, when his energy began to wane, Mr. Weinstein threw one of a splashiest parties after a Golden Globes ceremony.

What no one knew was that Mr. Weinstein allegedly used a awards as an instrument of nuisance — luring a French singer Judith Godreche to a Cannes hotel room, for instance, on a stratagem of deliberating his plan to pursue an Oscar for her.


Jean Baptiste LaCroix/Agence France-Presse—Getty Images

So now that Mr. Weinstein has fallen, what else about a awards circuit goes? Can ultra-revealing dresses be enjoyed as pristine conform confections? Does meaningful that group reliably browbeat a directing and producing awards, while many women are remarkable mostly for what they wear, cut into a popcorn pleasure of a night?

Could a red runner in some clarity fall after Weinstein, a writer holding his possess origination with him?

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