Why Shanghai beckons for Hong Kong conform designer, leader of Woolmark Asia prize

“For a Six Lee man, I’m still regulating a exemplary tailoring elements, yet with a contemporary and complicated twist,” says Hong Kong menswear engineer Six Lee. “I consider aged tailoring is great, yet centuries old. we wish to use those elements to make something some-more fun and modern.”

Lee’s cultured and consultant finishing led him to win a 2018 Asia segment Woolmark International Prize (along with womenswear code Kye from South Korea) with an considerable contrariety of contemporary, checked tailoring and ’50s-inspired knitted undergarments.

“I didn’t design to win a Asian regional, as we attempted final year and we didn’t succeed,” says a impeccably matched and mustachioed Lee. “Plus a menswear contestants were unequivocally strong.”

Hong Kong menswear engineer Joseph Li on carrying his possess tag after years as Shanghai Tang womenswear head

Lee was in Florence during Pitti Uomo for a tellurian Woolmark finals. And nonetheless he didn’t secure a altogether prize, whose past winners embody Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld, his code warranted a critical boost in a tellurian conform circuit.

Six Lee was formerly stocked during boutiques in Paris, Antwerp, South Korea, Dubai, Beijing and Hong Kong’s Joyce, yet he has put his code on reason for a past dual seasons, after 5 years of handling in Hong Kong.

“We’re a tiny company, and after we didn’t win a Woolmark Asia esteem a initial year, we wanted to rethink my code and my creativity,” he explains. “What we can do to pierce further? we can mangle even yet not get that far, and each deteriorate is a cycle … we thought, ‘Do we unequivocally wish to have that kind of life?’ In a way, we haven’t had a life given we started my brand.”

The subsequent large thing in Chinese fashion, in a pinkish Mao coupler – Pronounce take large strides during London Fashion Week Men’s

Lee started a tag when he returned to Hong Kong after operative in London and graduating from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The ups and downs have not been helped by being in a tiny marketplace like Hong Kong, where internal shoppers still cite Western to home-grown brands. The predicament Lee had will sound informed to many eccentric Hong Kong designers.

On a subject of a Hong Kong’s supervision beginning to grow a city’s nascent conform industry, Lee is reduction than enthusiastic.

“Actually we don’t know if it helps that much, overtly … The comparison era still operative for TDC [Trade Development Council] or these kinds of organisations aren’t big adequate to know how a complicated conform attention works and how to unequivocally support designers … You can see a many successful Hong Kong engineer code now is Jourden, and she didn’t unequivocally rest on a supervision for anything.”

The outcome of his rethink, explains Lee, is an approaching pierce to Shanghai to be closer to a large Chinese menswear marketplace while he plots a blurb relaunch of his label. Meanwhile, he is also consulting for a Chinese blurb conform company, advising on a investments in tiny boutique engineer labels such as Sirloin while building their business, prolongation and supply chains.

“Before, my dream for my code was to have a uncover in Paris, to have good stockists etc, yet now, these kinds of things don’t matter to me many any more,” Lee says. “The consultant pursuit is indeed really interesting; it’s not designing, yet some-more business, permitting me to learn what we didn’t know before.”

New York Fashion Week: Chinese and Hong Kong designers uncover on world’s theatre during China Day event

“I have been in Hong Kong for 7 years … for me as artistic person, we can’t live in one place for too long. we need some fad and challenge, we can’t feel too gentle differently I’ll have no motivation.”

“Shanghai only creates clarity for me,” he adds. “I wish to get to know a marketplace and when we do my code commercially again, I’ll know how.”

The China marketplace binds many possibilities, generally given group are sartorially reduction regressive compared to many Europeans. As for his menswear, Lee is still committed to quirky, invigorated tailoring. “Even yet casualwear is smart today, for group tailoring will always matter.”

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