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October 6, 2020 - Body Fragrance

Rose is a stalwart scent when it comes to baths and body care, but could it be key to lifting our spirits? Aromatherapists think so

We’ve all know that exercise is a key player in improving low mood, but if you’re after a more luxurious mood-boosting experience, we’d like to point you in the direction of rose beauty products. Not just a scent to sit alongside lavender on your grandma’s bathroom shelf, rose-scented bath and body treats deliver a touch of optimism when we need it most. “Rose is one of the most powerful oils in the aromatherapist’s palette. It has long been known for its uplifting and anti-depressant properties, making it the perfect essential oil with which to navigate an uncertain world,” says Christina Salcedas, global director of education and wellness for Aromatherapy Associates.

I would never promise miracles from essential oils but equally they shouldn’t be dismissed as just nice smelling things you add to your bath,” says Jennie Pinkhart, aromatherapist and founder of stress-slaying aromatherapy brand Eve and Keel. “They have a genuine power to transform our mood and in the case of rose, lift our spirits. Among aromatherapists, we know rose can be a wonderful support for people experiencing depression and studies have proven its efficacy to help calm anxiety.”

The therapeutic properties of rose include antidepressant, tonic and sedative so the warming and relaxing scent can help reduce stress and tension, calm the nervous system and be uplifting when we are in need of balance, hope and feeling uplifted,” agrees aromatherapist Simone Stevens. “It’s also beautiful for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive, soothing inflammation as the colder weather creeps in, rose can be a skin saviour as well as emotionally supportive and uplifting.”

Uplifting rose beauty buys to try now

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Bath and Shower Oil, £49


You absolutely can’t go wrong with Aromatherapy Associates bath oils and the latest addition to the family is no exception. It’s a rich, deep take on the romantic scent with damask rose and 27 other essential oils creating a truly luxe bathing ritual.

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Soapsmith Bloomsbury Bath Soak, £25


This crumbly, ultra-soft take on bath salt melts into your bath leaving behind a scent of fresh roses, honeysuckle, primrose and peony, while dead Sea salt, epsom salts, oat powder and cocoa butter sooth the skin. Dreamy.

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Soak Sunday Rose Utopia Botanical Bath and Body Oil, £14


New bathing brand on the block Soak Sunday creates 98-100 per cent natural products, made with no synthetic fragrances, that are owned and made in England and created with recyclable packaging. This oil, made with rose petals and soothing lavender, is here to make bath time even more blissful.

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To really embrace the uplifting scent of rose treat yourself to this gift set, complete with shower gel, body lotion, eau de toilette and hand cream. Three different types of rose plus orange blossom come together for a delicate take on the rose scent inside this the laser-cut box which is extra special whether you’re buying this as a present or keeping it for yourself.

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There’s nothing like lighting a candle to ease you into the evening, taking your home from office to sanctuary in the flicker of a flame. The scent blends rose, jasmine and geranium essential oils into a 100 per cent natural coconut and rapeseed wax base. As well as rose this has grapefruit and sandalwood to create a happy fragrance to balance your mood and calm stress and anxiety.

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Jo Malone created this beauty in honour of her 25 years in fragrance, merging rose absolute and elegant rose de mai to create a scent that lingers long after you’re left the room. Just a dab in the morning is enough to get your day off to a better start.

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Skincare brand Fresh worked for over two years on this product and it was time well spent because this formula is heavenly. It contains a precise balance of oil and water that blends easily when you shake it, transforming into a silky serum. It’s incredibly lightweight, sinking in mere moments. Rosewater works as an anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and balance the complexion, while oils such as rose flower squalane, rosehip and camelina deliver hydration to replenish the skin’s natural barrier.

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Turn every shower into an uplifting experience with this softly scented body wash made from pure essential oils.

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This is rather on the pricey-side, but it smells divine (think Paul Smith Rose fragrance in skincare form) and leaves skin radiant and dewy as well as de-stressed.

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