Whistle a happy balance during a Masters of Musical Whistling competition

When Geert Chatrou whistles, it’s easy to design a birds trilling and lively around Snow White in a classical 1937 film. The two-time universe champion from a Netherlands stands onstage in a Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, demonstrating his substantial talents as partial of a prep category during a biannual Masters of Musical Whistling International Festival and Competition.

Produced by another two-time universe champion whistler, Carole Anne Kaufman, a Masters of Musical Whistling seeks to climax a subsequent tellurian personality of this underappreciated niche art form. It culminates Sunday with dual competitions that will underline 31 contestants from 7 countries. They are all, as Kaufman puts it, “the best whistler that their friends know.”

About 20 of a contestants have shown adult for a class. Young and old, masculine and female, representing a far-reaching accumulation of ethnicities, they are all silly with excitement, nod any other enthusiastically, jolt hands and exchanging stories. They alarm here and there as they enter a theater, like band musicians tuning adult in a array before a show.

“We are bringing whistling behind to a mainstream,” says Kaufman. “Who cares if we consider it’s obscure? Nobody gets to tell us what art is. If it comes from a heart, it is art, and whistling really reflects that.”

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