Where’s Waldo? Ridgefield kids invited to hunt for striped-shirt impression in July

Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo? In Ridgefield, of course.

The iconic children’s book impression in a striped shirt and black-rimmed specs is visiting twenty-five internal businesses via a village this July. Find Waldo Local is a good summer vacation activity and a smashing approach to support internal businesses and a Shop Local transformation in a community, including merchants in Downtown Ridgefield, Danbury Road, Copps Hill Common and Branchville.

Participants can collect adult a “Find Waldo Local in Ridgefield!” pass containing a names of all participating businesses during Books on a Common, and get their pass hammered or sealed for any Waldo they spot. Collecting store stamps or signatures during twenty or some-more businesses will grant committed seekers entrance into a grand-prize sketch on Jul 31, with a tip esteem being a six-volume fine set of Waldo books.  “This is a 6th year organizing Find Waldo in Ridgefield, and we demeanour brazen any year to saying all a Waldo hunters enthusiastically looking for him in a store and all over town” adds Ellen Burns, co-owner of Books on a Common.

This year outlines a thirtieth anniversary of a Where’s Waldo? books. Martin Handford’s collections of throng scenes swept a universe in a late eighties, and given afterwards have hold a loving mark on bookstore shelves a universe over. There are now over 67 million Waldo books in imitation worldwide, and they’ve been translated into over thirty languages. An whole era has grown adult acid for Waldo and his expel of erratic companions. To applaud such a special milestone, Waldo’s crony Wenda will also be stealing in Books on a Common here in Ridgefield!

Once again, in jubilee of Waldo’s longevity and popularity, his American publisher, Candlewick Press, is teaming adult with a American Booksellers Association and dual hundred and fifty eccentric bookstores opposite a nation for some hide-and-seek fun to inspire communities to condescend their internal businesses. There is no assign to participate, and a hunt lasts for a whole month of July. For some-more information about sport for Waldo in Ridgefield, call Books on a Common during 203-431-9100.



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