What’s Selling: Ecco and Clarks Among a Hot Men’s Comfort Brands This Summer

What’s offered in men’s comfort this week?

Here, 4 eccentric retailers import in on a winning brands and tip trends in a market, and speak about what’s not moving.

Tim Hammond, owner, Total Comfort Shoes, Columbus, Ohio

Top 3 brands:

1. Ecco: “Men like a styling and comfort opposite a dress shoes, casuals and sandals. Between these 3 [categories], it’s a tip brand.”

2. OluKai: “It’s a good summer shoe. The sandals and flip-flops are really comfortable. [Men] can wear them to parties and on vacation. And they’re good if going out to dinner.”

3. Clarks: “It’s a tack for a stores, charity dress and infrequent boots that are tolerably priced. We’ve carried a code for a prolonged time and have lots of repeat business.”

What’s not selling: “Outdoor hiking styles and some [outdoor] sandals. [Overall], a imperishable boots are not going as good as they had been.”

Dennie Campbell, buyer, Selby Shoes Etc., Portland, Maine

Top 3 brands:

1. Rockport: “We’ve been doing good with Rockport’s ‘Let’s Walk’ collection of lightweight comfort looks with a good footbed. And they’re nice-looking shoes.”

2. Clarks: “The Unstructured line has been glorious — lightweight and comfortable.”

3. Keen: “This time of year for us, we’re doing a lot of H2O shoes.”

What’s not selling: “White soles for us are tough, even for women. If a younger man comes in, he’ll go for it.”

Top trends: “Athleisure some-more than anything, and styles that have a transitory look. This is not a florid partial of a country, so dress-up for group is not a super florid shoe.”

Andrew Koutsoukos, owner, Shoes-n-Feet, San Francisco

Top 3 brands:

1. On: “Most people buy [their sneakers] for walking around as an bland shoe. It’s about a pattern and afterwards a brand’s buzz. [Customers] know it’s a ‘cool brand.’”

2. Ecco: “Soft 7 lace-up style.”

3. Blundstone: “There’s a large hum around them. They’re gentle for that form of foot — softer, have a small some-more cushioning and final longer. A lot of Chelsea boots are leather-soled and hard.”

What’s not selling: “Samuel Hubbard is a code that was renouned for a initial dual years, though seems to have slowed down. While they have newer styles, we [still] have a ones they [launched] with. We need to get in a newer, better-looking styles. They also slowed down their outrageous promotion campaign. We used to see a lot of people come in and contend they saw The New York Times ad.”

Top trends: “Men are difficult. They don’t buy as many pairs and wear any longer.”

Perry Calhoun, co-owner, The Shoe Market, Greensboro, N.C.

Top 3 brands:

1. Finn Comfort:  “It offers support. We do roughly $2 million a year in those shoes.”

2. Samuel Hubbard: “They’re as prohibited as a pistol, creation a good product. Owner Bruce Katz interprets [styles] well, and business have held on, shopping them for a demeanour and comfort. The association puts a lot some-more into a boots than what they’re offered them for. They have courage and they last. It rings a money register.”

3. Ecco: “They make a plain shoe that doesn’t rip up.”

What’s not selling: “We try to buy a winners, and many of a [product] is performing. We buy a common lines in mediation and we sell them, though a tip [three] brands are powerhouses.”

Top trends: “Sneakers are doing well, and a New Balance 990 is hot. Men are also looking for dress-casuals and casuals.”


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