What’s Left Of Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2016 Collection? Lots Of Products Remain

Holiday selling has reached a healthy consummate and a approaching end, since, well, it’s a holidays! Kylie Cosmetics and a 2016 Holiday Edition, that is silver-dipped with a wrapping and full of new and singular book products and colors, has been a legit blockbuster. There were lots of holiday surprises and freebies, and there have been several sellouts and successive restocks. But what about… now? The supply is not totally drained, actually. What stays of Kylie Cosmetics’ 2016 Holiday Edition range?

Plenty, actually. Yes, several items, like a vampy plum Vixen Lip Kit, a Holiday Must-Haves bundle, and a Fan Favorites bundle, are no longer accessible and are tagged as “sold out.” Other items, like a Angel Lip Kit and Naughty Gloss, are no longer shoppable around a Kylie Cosmetics site, that is a brand’s digital sales platform.

But there is a singular batch of stuff, all of it worthwhile. Plus, we need to remember that a holiday products are singular edition, so a china wrapping is temporary. Whether or not Jenner will re-introduce some of a holiday shades or products, like a creme shadows, into a permanent repertoire stays to be seen.  

But here’s a outline of what we can still squeeze as of press time.

Holiday Box Limited Edition, $290, KylieCosmetics.com

Eight matte glass lippies, dual glosses, a new eyeshadow palette, a Snow Kyliner Kit, and a contingent of creme shadows are featured here.

Camo Creme Shadow, $20, Kylie Cosmetics.com

This low green, tawny dream is still on sale. Jenner has usually enclosed creme shadows for a Birthday Edition and for Holiday 2016.

Golden Plum Creme Shadow, $20, KylieCosmetics.com

It’s a plummy pot o’ shimmer.

Yellow Gold Creme Shadow, $20, KylieCosmetics.com

This gilded shade is also there for a taking.

Kylie Brush Set, $35, KylieCosmetics.com

The brand’s first-ever, five-piece brush collection is still shoppable.

Holiday Stocking, $40, KylieCosmetics.com

The mistake fur, plush white emblem remains.

Pom Pom Keychain, $10, KylieCosmetics.com

It’s a cutest, fluffiest appendage for your keys or your purse strap.

Makeup Bag, $36, KylieCosmetics.com

Even your makeup storage can be glam with this silver, lead clutch.

And that’s a wrap!

Images: Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics (8)

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