What You Need To Know About SS19 Copenhagen Fashion Week

Whilst Copenhagen and Denmark-at-large are distinguished for their easygoing attitudes, streetwear code MUF10 contributed a staid and daring impulse to a week’s select proceedings.

Departing from Saks Pots pleasing opening uncover dancers, Malene Berger’s floral goody bags and Ganni’s shouting and dancing models, MUF10 took their space in a report to criticism a countries argumentative Burka ban.

Denmark’s full-face deceive anathema came into outcome days ago, notwithstanding Humans Rights Watch labelling a anathema as ‘discriminatory’.

Designer Reza Etamadi said of his protest, that showed lonesome women being given flowers by ‘police officers’, ‘I have a avocation to support all women’s leisure of debate and leisure of thought.

‘In Iran, where we was born, women quarrel to openly select what to wear. In Denmark, where we grew up… women were giveaway to select how dressed or lonesome they wanted to dress.’

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