What It Means to Dress in Lagos

“Growing up, we was unequivocally bashful about my ideas and wanting to dress people adult in a certain way,” Mr. Oke-Lawal said. “I would only draw.”

“But during 10,” he said, “I motionless to wear what we wanted. Clashing colors. Camouflage. we figured people are going to consider I’m uncanny anyway, would still brag me anyway, so we competence as good get bullied for being accurately who we wanted to be.”

Teni a Entertainer, a musician, has schooled recently what it’s like to be bullied for how she is seen. A few weeks ago, a hosts of “Loose Talk,” a renouned Nigerian podcast, opined that she wouldn’t go really distant in her career looking a approach she does.

The hosts were referring to her style, that resists a indulgence that is mostly approaching of renouned womanlike performers. Teni, 26, whose given name is Teni Apata, wears do-rags, sporty sunglasses, striking shirts with humorous sayings on them, relaxed pants in splendid colors, sneakers — all of that she infrequently buys from preservation and dollar stores when traveling.

She had listened a critique before. Before she was sealed to her stream label, song attention executives suggested her to be some-more girlie, to wear weaves.

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