We can’t confirm if ‘flip-flop socks’ are shining or crazy

You know that small dance we do in bed, where we crowd underneath a million blankets since it’s cold and we wish to be cozy, though afterwards we start to overheat, so we hang one feet out to cold down?

Well, “flip-flop socks” are fundamentally a wardrobe homogeneous of that — and we can’t confirm if they’re shining or crazy.

 Half a fabric, double a fun. Solveiga/Etsy

Nearly half a feet is unprotected in these toe-less, heel-less wonders (which, frankly, competence invalidate them for a pretension of “socks.” “Foot sleeves” would be some-more accurate). They’re designed to assistance us navigate that ungainly center belligerent between sandal continue and sweater weather, that apparently is an emanate for adequate people to emanate a abounding online market.

We’ll acknowledge that during initial glance, we said, “What? That’s dumb. Respect a seasons and put your flip-flops away.” But on serve consideration, we have to acknowledge that these have a series of unsentimental applications.

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