WATCH: Which Designer Will Nicole Kidman Wear on a Red Carpet During This Awards Season?

The countdown to a red runner is on! The initial vital endowment uncover is some-more than a week away, though due to some early conjecture that many actresses and actors will be dressed in black as a form of protest, a Golden Globes red runner is already moulding adult to be a noted one. Of course, that night and all awards deteriorate long, a PEOPLE Style editors will be looking to some of a biggest names in a business to make a statement, and that includes a one and usually Nicole Kidman.

The star of critically acclaimed and plenty-nominated Big Little Lies is not one to bashful divided from creation a large red runner impact — lest not forget her much-talked-about Gucci birds-of-paradise gown of 2017 — and a group unequivocally thinks that she’ll move that uninformed conform viewpoint to a runner this season, too. “I unequivocally adore Nicole Kidman’s character since it’s so polarizing — people adore it and people hatred it,” says PEOPLE Deputy Style Director Sharon Kanter.

The editors envision a few couture looks from Elie Saab and Schiaparelli that will make her demeanour like a “luminous princess” says Style and Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal. Though, really, anything is game. “Her stylist [Julia Von Boehm] unequivocally goes for a whole spectrum of couture looks, so we unequivocally never know what she’s going to wear,” adds Kanter. “It’s unequivocally kind of fun.” Ultimately, no matter what, she’ll be in something that will get everybody talking.

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