Watch Saint Laurent’s Epic New York City Fashion Show Right Here

Anthony Vaccarello takes his latest collection for a Parisian code on a highway trip—across a Atlantic ocean.

Vaccarello has a ability, maybe some-more than anyone in his position in new memory who’s tried, to revisit themes that have tangible a house—animal prints, Marrakech, all demeanour of embroidery—without simply duplicating them. His garments are also uncompromisingly luxe, even if they don’t demeanour during initial glance. Take for instance a floral bomber coupler from Spring 2018 that looks like a goth turn on your grandma’s favorite wallpaper imitation before we comprehend any flower is a towering of beads and sequins—on a raise of baby’s butt-soft velvet no less—embroidered one by one onto a piece. That’s a kind of things we can’t fake.

We’re awaiting to see a lot some-more of all that tonight, when a engineer stages his latest show—this time on a shores. He’s trade a City of Light for a City that Never Sleeps and a Eiffel Tower for a equally iconic (and French!) Stature of Liberty. This being Saint Laurent, a deep-pocketed conform residence that’s partial of an even bigger conform conglomerate, we can design that a uncover environment will be spectacular, and a stars particularly A-list. And since it’s Vaccarello, we can design a many critical thing, too: copiousness of elegantly badass menswear that will interest to guys in all corners of a globe.

Watch a uncover here during 9 PM EST tonight.

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