Vintage in Vogue: Cape Cod’s Hidden Treasure

Vintage in Vogue might no longer be a best-kept tip for selected conform on Cape Cod.Owner Maureen Leavenworth has combined some-more than only a wardrobe store. Vintage in Vogue is in a joining of a own: partial curated museum, partial artistic display, partial tradition pattern spousal shop.

Unlike many selected stores, we don’t have to puncture to find a treasures, since Leavenworth chooses any square personally. She rarely curates a wardrobe she brings into a shop, with a concentration on ladies’ and men’s selected wardrobe from a 1800’s to a 1970’s. “They don’t need to be high-end engineer names, though they do need to iconic to their decade. we demeanour for wardrobe abounding in texture, pattern and engaging construction,” says Leavenworth.

An artist by trade, Leavenworth’s adore of story and conform (she’s concerned in 18th century open-hearth cooking, though that’s another story altogether) led her to selected wardrobe and a chronological correctness of recreating 18th and 19th century ladies garments. She started collecting selected wardrobe in high propagandize during a early 1970s. Now in her sixties, she’s enjoyed over forty years of collecting, collaborating, researching and reconstructing a correct fit of woman’s wardrobe via a decades. “I adore a confidant conformation and colors of a 1960s, a neat and worldly lines of a 1940s suit, and a elementary summer string dresses of a 1950s. They all captivate me on an artistic level, as good as ancestral by a story they hold,” says Leavenworth.

When we travel into a shop, you’re immediately struck by a artistic inlet of a displays. It’s roughly like a museum, with strange panoply from as early as 1860, bustled dresses from 1875, and a library of conform story books to devour.From a cupboard of men’s trinkets like slot watches, pipes, shred mirrors and eye glasses, to dress and excellent jewelry, there is literally something for everyone.

If it couldn’t get any better, Leavenworth is also an gifted seamstress, so she can change your selected purchases right there in a shop.It’s generally a tiny tweak here or there to be made, or infrequently a full alteration, and if it’s designed right, we can have your alteration finished before your vacation ends. “It’s a use of yesteryear when you’d revisit a excellent dress emporium and have your preference tailored on a spot. we theory we remember those days, and suffer a smashing memories,” says Leavenworth.

People of all ages revisit Vintage in Vogue, from beginner collectors to veteran collectors and wearers of selected clothing. During promenade season, girls wanting a ‘one of a kind’ robe will truly find it here. Leavenworth’s eyes light adult as she recalls a new patron this summer. A immature male came into a emporium with his parents, looking not too fervent to be there. But once he began browsing a men’s selected fashions, he finished adult selling for himself!His relatives were amazed, as he was traditionally not a fan of shopping. Leavenworth remembers a biggest grin when he paid for his selections. “I saw a immature male that had connected with a new personal character that finished his day. That immature male only might have depressed in adore with history, fabric and conform like we did when we was his age.”

In Vintage in Vogue’s Orleans location, you’ll find a full-service spousal boutique. Gracing a walls is an considerable preference of marriage dresses from complicated gowns to a 1870’s, all organised by decade.“I adore to see a course of character by time; any decade offers a possess particular beauty.” Once a bride-to-be has selected her dress, Leavenworth can redesign a robe for a client’s needs and desires.

“That’s when a couture starts,” she explains. A dress can be totally redesigned utilizing a selected fabric to a smallest fact of edging placement. Where else can we get a custom-designed marriage robe for underneath $1,000? And once a dress is selected and altered, there’s a far-reaching preference of spousal veils, hairpieces, and jewelry. “Custom finished fascinators and veils are the specialty. If a bride has an heirloom square of lace, deceive or dress from her family, we can incorporate it into her ideal dress,” says Leavenworth.

The subsequent time you’re in Orleans or Provincetown, make certain a stop to Vintage in Vogue is on your list. Whether you’re selling for yourself, consigning selected equipment from your possess closet, or only looking around, we won’t be disappointed.
As Maureen says, “Fine Vintage Clothing is Always in Style!” Drop in for a revisit during 31 Main Street, Orleans, or 237 Commercial Street inside Whaler’s Wharf in Provincetown. You can also find them online during

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