Vintage Fashions Get Punked during Stockholm Fashion Week


Dior for Märthaskolan dress, jacket, and pumps, 1950sHervé Leger dress, 2016; Saint Laurent pumps, 2010sPublic Official’s justice uniform, 1910s; Burberry belt, 2010s; Celine bracelet, 1980sDior for Märthaskolan dress, 1950s; Chanel bag, 2016; Jimmy Choo sandals, 2010sYves Saint Laurent coupler and sweater, 1980s; Chanel skirt, 2010s; Chanel bag, 2016Celine blazer, 2016; Claude Montana trousers, 1980s; Bally pumps, 1950s; Celine earrings, 2017Maison Augusta cape, 1910s; Prada skirt, 2010s; Valentino ballet flats, 2010s

Fashion hasn’t always speedy self-expression. Before a youthquakers in their ready-to-wear togs became a norm, trends trickled down to a masses by a couture. In this schema designers were dictators. Today, individualism in dress is not usually encouraged, it’s communicated around many channels. A brew of high and low is supposed rather than a exception, though it was a mix of aged and new that was emphasized during Stockholms Auktionsverk’s selected runway show, in a preview of their arriving Sep sale.

Presented with pieces trimming in date from a 1910s to this year, stylist Maria Virgin had a enviable assignment of organizing “grandmother’s closet” in such a approach that it speaks to how women wish to demeanour today. (Her favorite pieces are 1990s Mugler trousers, a Pierre Cardin check coat, and a immature floral-printed cocktail garb by Dior for Märthaskolan, a now-closed conform residence with an compared propagandize in Stockholm.) To give a display cohesion, Virgin chose punk as her theme, and sent models in large mohawks down a runway.

All a matter square like a 1970s sequined and tasseled Yves Saint Laurent tunic indispensable for an refurbish was crazy hair, fishnets, and prosaic thigh-high boots. More mashed-up was a culmination look, that interconnected a black velvet Maison Augusta garment from a 1910s with an sable silk Prada dress from a 2010s. Despite a 100-year age difference, these pieces were united, for a length of a show, that was inspiring. This spectator came divided smiling and filled with a clarity that conform unequivocally is what we make of it. If that garment could be punk, it could be pretty, or prissy, or differently provocative. To play’s a thing.

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