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“It’s fundamentally pornography,” a patron wrote on Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook page, referring to a promotion in stores.Business Insider/Mary Hanbury

  • Victoria’s Secret has 3 core businesses: lingerie, beauty, and a PINK label.
  • There’s a large discrepancy between these collections and a business they are targeting. 
  • Lingerie and beauty reported disastrous sales expansion in a final quarter, while PINK was a relations splendid mark for a brand.


There’s a large undo between Victoria’s Secret’s businesses, and it’s putting some business off from selling during a store.

The association has dual categorical slip brands: Victoria’s Secret slip and PINK. The first claims to offer “the sexiest panties and lingerie,” and a latter, attire and underwear for teenage girls.

This week, a mom complained on Facebook that some of Victoria’s Secret’s slip images shown in a store she visited in South Carolina were inapt for a younger shoppers during PINK.

The images in your store during Columbiana Centre Mall in South Carolina are really distasteful and obscene. It is fundamentally publishing that everybody (children and teens) are subjected to observation since there is usually one area to check out between PINK and Victoria’s Secret, that happens to have a many racy photos behind a registers,” she wrote on Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook page

This is especially concerning for a association as a PINK tag has turn one of a usually areas of growth. In a company’s many new gain results, while sales in a beauty and slip sections were down, sum sales during PINK grew in a mid-single number range, a company said.

Victoria’s Secret has been criticized for putting off business with a sexualized ads in a past. In 2016, one of a Facebook photos got feverishness for being so sincerely sexual that it was equivocal pornographic. Customers on Facebook were mad and called it “trashy,” Business Insider reported.

 The patron who complained on Facebook has called for bigger divides in a stores.

“I’ve not been happy with a displays for a while though when a models are widespread leg, pulling down panties and even unclothed bottom women on a walls…. it is VERY annoying for a family. If PINK equipment are targeted to teens, there needs to be a apart checkout area or these forms of photos should be removed! There were lots of families in line behind me who felt a same and we wish they will voice their opinions as well!” a shopper wrote.

We visited one of a stores in New York’s Manhattan to see how a images were being used in store. Victoria’s Secret did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s ask for comment. 

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