Victoria’s Secret Model Jasmine Tookes Uses This Simple Training Tool to Strengthen Her Butt and Core

It’s no tip that it’s partial of a Victoria’s Secret Angel‘s pursuit outline to work tough during a gym, and from a looks of it, indication Jasmine Tookes is nailing it. In a video posted on Instagram by Kirk Myers, owner of a New York City-based aptness studio Dogpound, Tookes shows off her considerable core and glute strength with an practice on a BOSU Balance Trainer.

Half of a BOSU Balance Trainer looks like partial of a yoga round (called a “dome,”) while a other half is a flat, tough aspect (called a “platform.”) While there are tons of ways to use both sides, Tookes is shown station on a height with her right feet while a architecture partial wobbles underneath her.

Just station on one feet is tough work, though Tookes takes it a step further. She bends her right knee and squats down as she leans brazen to hold her left palm to a BOSU, while her left leg stays in a atmosphere behind her. From there, she stands behind adult and extends her left leg in front of her to hold her left feet with her right hand. While her right feet stays put, her left feet doesn’t hold a belligerent once. Myers calls this practice BOSU toe taps, and we improved trust they’re severely challenging.

“This pierce on a BOSU is illuminated since it army we to stabilize, that helps activate your core and glutes,” Myers tells SELF. Not usually are we relocating while station on one foot, though you’re also operative opposite an inconstant aspect with a architecture partial of a BOSU on a ground. These dual change hurdles total meant your core and glutes are banishment usually to keep we from descending off (while a glutes also put in overtime while you’re squatting down).

Let’s be honest, doing this pierce alone isn’t adequate to give we abs or glutes like Tookes (if that’s something we want). That takes a low physique fat percentage, a calorie-controlled diet, and some god-given genetic blessings—in further to tough work during a gym—so be certain to set picturesque expectations for yourself. Still, BOSU toe taps are a good practice for improving your core and glute strength, so give them a try!

Watch Jasmine Tookes’ control and laser concentration during this move:

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In further to improving change and strengthening your glutes and core, this practice also dials in on ankle strength and mobility, that can assistance forestall damage in bland life (and can also improve your hunker form by augmenting your operation of motion).

To try it yourself, Myers recommends doing 12 reps on any side. To do it safely, we should feel flattering clever usually station on one feet on a BOSU—if we don’t, start by operative on that. You can also try a toe hold transformation usually station on plain ground.

This isn’t a usually time BOSU Balance Trainers have played a starring purpose in Dogpound’s high-profile clients’ workouts. Ashley Graham can stone some curtsy lunges on a BOSU.

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Actress and signer Cynthia Erivo uses it to do burpees with a dickey flog (although a BOSU is a good approach to amp adult burpees even but a dickey kick).

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Josephine Skriver adds an additional plea to squats with a BOSU (well, that and a 90-pound dumbbell).

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Karlie Kloss works her core, glutes, and hamstrings with this change challenge, identical to Tookes’ move.

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And American Ballet Theatre dancer Kathryn Boren pointes out her change skills (don’t try this during home).

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