Victoria’s Secret Isn’t Going to Sell Swimwear Anymore (Report)

Sorry, ladies.

Bad news for Victoria’s Secret swimwear fans: The slip hulk is going to stop offered swimwear by a finish of 2016.

Following a company’s announcement that it would be expelling “certain sell categories,” Buzzfeed reported that a note from Citigroup settled that VS would stop offered a swimwear line and instead concentration some-more on a new athleisure line.

A Victoria’s Secret deputy told Buzzfeed that it had “nothing to offer over a progressing release” and pronounced some-more sum will be denounced on a company’s May gain call. Pret-a-Reporter also has reached out to VS for any additional comments.

VS done roughly $500 million final year with a swimwear business (about 6.5 percent of a sum sales), though in August, a association reported reduce sales in that category. The chain’s preference comes dual months after Sharen Turney, former CEO of Victoria’s Secret, quiescent and remarkable that a difficulty was her “biggest disappointment, and we did it to ourselves.”

In further to slicing swimwear, VS primogenitor association L Brands also noted in a release that it would ax a catalogs and instead demeanour during “how a business connects with business by some-more concentration on faithfulness programs and brand-building engagement.” For now, it looks like we can contend goodbye to those “swim specials.”

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