Victoria’s Secret closed: Is Minneapolis’ Uptown area …

The Uptown Victoria’s Secret sealed on Jan 21 after 10 years in business, Twin Cities Business Magazine reports. The two-story sell space during a intersection of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue is now accessible to lease, according to Ruth Weisberg of Morton Realty LLC, that owns a building. 

“There has been huge interest,” says Weisberg, who tells T.C. Biz Mag that her family motionless not to replenish Victoria’s Secret’s lease. “There’s all kinds of things we’re meditative of … That is a marquee corner.”

As for a informative genocide of Uptown, we’re years past a wake during this point. Today we mourned a detriment of a cold Arby’s sign, that — while positively cool! — didn’t accurately exaggerate punk-rock cachet like a Uptown Bar (aka a stream Apple Store). Among a recently announced additions to Uptown: this B-Dubs Express and this amorously branded hotel.

When did a ol’ Victoria’s Secret mark final possess “Old Uptown” authenticity? When it was a GAP, if we’re to trust City Pages song editor Keith Harris. 


Unconventional take! 

So, tell us readers, when did Uptown die for you

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