Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell Has Some Valentine’s Day Tips for Single People

Even if we don’t have a regretful partner on Feb 14th we can still extract in a festivities—just ask Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell, who spent her favorite Valentine’s Day so distant with some tighten friends. “If we find yourself alone this Valentine’s day and it’s spiteful your heart, only get together with some friends and grin and laugh,” Maxwell says. “Celebrate yourself; make it a ‘me day’ instead of ‘V-day.’ Love will find we in one approach or another. Always trust that. we trust we attract people with appetite and confidence. When we are in a good place with yourself good things come to you. Keep a grin on your face and keep your heart and mind open.” While Maxwell herself will be copiousness bustling with New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, a model, who happens to be dating Kristen Stewart, took a time to mangle down her favorite adore songs, movies, and more.

What are your skeleton for Valentine’s Day this year?

Valentine’s Day always coincides with conform week, so we will be on a road. we would contend it will include of a good bath, some candles and and FaceTime.

What form of slip creates a good Valentine’s Day gift?

That is a wily doubt since slip is so personal. we consider a VS store has a small something for everyone. They have a new Victoria’s Secret T-Shirt bra that is a small some-more infrequent and gentle or if we are looking for something a small sexier, a Dream Angels Wicked Unlined Uplift Bra is perfect.

What is your ideal date?

Let’s start with a good day in nature, maybe a travel or a wander by a park, followed by a potion of booze outdoors. That can lead into a good light dish and maybe some live music. we adore saying a harmony play during a Hollywood Bowl. It is pleasing listening to strain underneath a stars.

What is your go-to date night outfit?

That depends that date it is; if it’s a initial date, we would contend voluptuous though subtle. If it’s a second or third date for certain spin adult a volume a bit with a Victoria’s Secret bodysuit and a leather jacket. And if it’s a long-term attribute date, afterwards jeans and a t-shirt.

What is your favorite adore song?

“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star.

What is your favorite regretful movie?

Breakfast during Tiffany’s or A Streetcar Named Desire . It’s a tie.

What was a best date you’ve ever been on?

When we was young, a crony took me to a solidified pond. They had put illuminated tea candles everywhere in a large round and set adult a small record actor with speakers powered from a automobile battery. They incited on Under a Milkyway by a Church and we ice-skated. It was so beautiful.

What was your best Valentine’s Day?

My best Valentine’s Day was a few years ago. we was with a organisation of friends, and during a time we were all single. We sat around and played house games and told stories about reticent dates we had been on. It was so humorous and sweet.

What is your favorite famous integrate of all time?

I have to contend Samantha and Jake in Sixteen Candles, aka Molly Ringwald and Michael Schoeffling. That lick on a list over a cake— we mean, come on. If that stage doesn’t get we afterwards what will? If we haven’t seen a movie, greatfully watch. we also suggest Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful. So most adore for a ’80s.

Who would be your dream Valentine’s Day date?

My dream Valentine’s date would be with someone we adore in my arms, my doggie Tripp by my side, and my children all around us. Obviously that’s a anxiety to destiny goals.

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