Undergarment grabbers during Victoria’s Secret run off with armfuls of lingerie

Lingerie as loot is apparently in conform newly during Victoria’s Secret in Macon. On Apr 17 and again on Apr 27, people possibly stole or attempted to take undergarments. No one was held in a many new incident, yet 3 women with armfuls of bras and panties done off with $2,000 value of attire. Getting away, though, was not in a cards for a male in a progressing episode, who, according to a Bibb County sheriff’s report, began fluttering garb, saying, “I’m gonna take this!” Later he attempted to buy $800 value of sell with a bad credit card, a news noted. “I attempted to request (handcuffs) and a theme began to behind divided and lift away,” a sheriff’s deputy’s write-up said, yet a emissary took a man, 27, into custody. Victoria’s Secret office asked a male to leave repeatedly. Employees pronounced a credit label he used was fraudulent.

A quarrel was reported on Short Street in easterly Macon a morning of Apr 23. Right after a sheriff’s emissary arrived, a 30-year-old male there pronounced a quarrel had happened a night before. Railing from a front porch was involved. It was going on midnight, a male said, when he gave another male — someone he knows usually as “J” — a $100 check to go and get change. Not prolonged after that, a male who’d handed over a income pronounced he called “J” and asked him to do him a favor. Get me something during a store, a male asked. The subsequent thing he knew, a sheriff’s news noted, “J” sensitive him “that he was going to be genuine with him and that he was not going to get his income back.” Over during “J’s” girlfriend’s place, a male who’d mislaid his income demanded his money, and according to a man, a partner pennyless a square of porch railing. No one answered when a emissary knocked on her door.

Dispatches: On Apr 28, a bride during a marriage in easterly Macon satisfied her purse was missing. Gift cards she’d perceived were inside. Later, she found a purse in a bathroom, yet a present cards, value an estimated $350, were gone. . . . Evidence of an Apr 20 break-in during Fort Hawkins Liquor Store was tough to miss. Someone had slipped by a hole in a roof and stolen $100. Bibb sheriff’s deputies pronounced a criminal pennyless in a same approach a month earlier. You could see a law-breaker in confidence camera footage crawling on a floor, perplexing to equivocate being seen, deputies noted. . . . Be clever where we take your beer. Restrooms are off limits, during slightest during Kroger, where sell is not authorised in a john. On Apr 20, a patron during a Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard store reportedly took a drink to a can after midnight. “When he exited a restroom, we took a drink from him and legalised it to see if it had been opened, that it had not,” a sheriff’s deputy’s write-up said. Nothing was stolen, yet a man, 22, was arrested for trespassing.

Note to midstate law coercion agencies: Email reports of surprising situations your officers confront to Cop Shop columnist Joe Kovac Jr. during jkovac@macon.com.

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