Tyler Ellis, daughter of engineer Perry Ellis, has combined this awards season’s must-have bags

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This awards season, there have been protected conform bets, confidant statements, copiousness of all-black looks, an assault of white ones and blatant misses on red carpets from a East Coast to a West Coast. However, one thing has been unchanging during roughly each vital awards uncover this season: a clever participation of artfully assembled bags from accessories engineer Tyler Ellis.

Her latest style, that done a initial coming on a red runner final summer, is a quite nauseating one. It’s called a “Perry” and named for Ellis’ late father, engineer Perry Ellis. The bag has been a favorite for celebrities, and will shortly be accessible to non-Hollywood shoppers.

“This one is unequivocally special,” pronounced Ellis, 33. “Its emerald figure is desirous by my rendezvous ring. It reminds me of my wedding. My father apparently wasn’t there, though we suspicion restraining it all together in one purchase would be special.”

On a red-carpet circuit, a “Perry” bag has shown adult in a hands of Diane Kruger, Viola Davis, Olivia Munn and Tracee Ellis Ross. And during this year’s Golden Globes alone, Tyler Ellis tag bags were carried by Salma Hayek Pinault, Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore, Octavia Spencer and Oprah Winfrey.

“It’s humbling,” Ellis said. “I’m so respected that such strong, impossibly gifted and shining women with all during their fingertips name to lift my bags.”

Ellis is a usually child of a eminent American designer. She was recognised around in-vitro fertilization after her father, who was gay, motionless to have a child with his best friend, TV author and writer Barbara Gallagher. Perry Ellis, who served as boss of a Council of Fashion Designers of America, died during age 46 from AIDS-related complications in 1986, a year and a half after Ellis was born.

“They never done it seem peculiar to me,” Ellis pronounced of her childhood. “I always felt really loved. My father and mom were a best of friends. we was a baby done out of love.”

Raised in a Pacific Palisades, Ellis went to Boston University to investigate film and television. However, she satisfied it was fashion, quite accessories, she was ardent about. With that in mind, she altered to New York to novice for Michael Kors. The knowledge desirous her to start her possess tag in 2011, that was creatively called Tyler Alexandra. It launched with dual styles: a purchase and a purse, named “Winifred” and “Edwin” for her consanguine grandparents.

Tyler Ellis’ artfully assembled bags have been a red-carpet favorite this awards season. Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times
A bag done from outlandish materials from a Tyler Ellis line. Prices for bags operation from about $950 to $15,000. Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times
Another Tyler Ellis bag. Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

However, a launch was in some ways a fake start. It took Ellis 3 years to find a bureau that was adult to her prolongation standards. Eventually, she detected one in Florence, Italy, where all of her bags are now made.

“I found a father-son factory, and that’s when things started to change,” Ellis said. “They provide a bags like they’re their babies as well. That’s when we started to develop as a designer, since they accepted me, and we was means to grow.”

That expansion translated into some-more styles and an increasing certainty in her ability as a designer, that led to a vast preference final year. Ellis strictly altered a name of her line to Tyler Ellis, finally embracing her famous final name.

“My spring-summer line final year was a initial Tyler Ellis collection,” Ellis said. “I felt ready. we had a fear of being in my father’s footsteps — it was so daunting to be in his shade — though we satisfied we can do my possess thing.”

It isn’t usually a label’s name that has changed. In 2017, Tyler altered her domicile from New York to Los Angeles, selecting to lapse to her hometown. (Although she altered behind to a West Coast in 2014, her business and father remained in New York until final year). “Growing adult in L.A., it was always in my heart — we couldn’t shun it,” Ellis said.

Her collection has also evolved. Next season, there will be 10 styles, a options sundry and vast, trimming from laser-cut leather structured totes and exotic-skin crossbody bags to streaked plexi clutches.

In her line, you’ll also find pouches detailed with Swarovski crystals, hard-framed, box-shaped bags and double-handle alloy bags. The styles are named for Ellis’ family, friends and puppies, that she refers to as a “important things” in her life.

Accessories engineer Tyler Ellis with some of her Tyler Ellis tag handbags. Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

All a bags are lined in Tyler’s signature “Thayer” blue, a anxiety to a travel she grew adult on. Prices operation from about $950 (for an pouch clutch) to $15,000 (for a vast outlandish bag).

“I wish to make a super parsimonious collection — bags we can send from day to night,” Ellis said.

She also creates certain all her purses, regardless of size, are functional, definition they are lightweight and can fit vast cellphones as good as have pockets and detachable chains. The bags are mostly sole by her website, tylerellis.com, and during a few name boutiques in a U.S. and abroad. Also, they can be customized, down to a material, tone and hardware.

Ellis pronounced bespoke bags are a common ask from brides, causing her to start a special spousal collection, that will launch after this year. Also on a setting is Ellis’ second partnership with womenswear code Noon By Noor. The pieces had their entrance on Noon by Noor’s runway during New York Fashion Week this month. (Ellis also shows during Paris Fashion Week.)

“I’m a jeans and a T-shirt girl,” Ellis said. “I like to have a bag we can take to lunch and afterwards go to cooking with. we wish people to wear my designs. we don’t wish them to lay in your closet. They’re meant to be used and enjoyed.”


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