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The year would feel deficient if it finished though Kylie Jenner announcing a new further to her cosmetics line. Just in time for everybody to get vehement about a finish of 2016, she’s given everybody even some-more reason to wish some-more Kylie Cosmetics in 2017, with her new Royal Peach KyShadow Palette.

The beauty noble done a teaser proclamation of a palette on Snapchat (would we unequivocally design anything reduction of a amicable media star?) on Friday night, and this 2017 further is already opposite from a others.

First of all, a figure is rectilinear as against to block like her past palettes. That’s simply since this palette includes not nine, though 12 — we review that right — 12 new shades. The palette also comes with a counterpart and a brush. Sounds like a ideal set for when you’re on a go and feeling organic (see what we did there?). Surprisingly, this palette isn’t simply a pink palette; in a preview alone, Jenner showed a green, purple, and blue eyeshadow shade. Who knows what else there could be in there! Jenner also mentioned that a palette was desirous by her peach eye makeup during New York Fashion Week.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a finish Kylie Cosmetics preview, despite a teaser, though beauty lovers reacting left and right to a new palette. Whether they’re freaking out over what’s to come or expressing their thoughts, check them out here!

Well, that’s one approach to get a palette.

Fans are freaking out.

Like, unequivocally freaking out.

Competition for Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Palette perhaps?

Point good made, ck.

You and a lot of others!

Jenner told her fans to check out her Snapchat on Monday to get a full exhibit and some-more information on when a palette will be released. Stay tuned fans!

Image: Snapchat/Kylizzlemynizzl

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