Trend Report: Designer Tourist Sandals

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Besides creation skeleton and pity all a sum of a lives‚ there are twin things my friends and we send to any other on a reg—memes and photos/articles about conform trends. The trends we like, of course, though also—and maybe many importantly—the absurdities.

A few examples:

Things we liked: Fendi bags, engineer tights/socks, Karl Lagerfeld comparing couture to several aged things on 7 Days Out, Post Malone crocs (I favourite them!)

Things we were confused about: A few dresses from Something Navy’s latest drop, Gucci traveller sandals

Now let’s speak a small about those traveller sandals —  you know, a nauseous sandal we see on stereotypical tourists (think Teva, Chaco, Birkenstocks, etc.). They’ve been a cult favorite among college kids and people attending song festivals for years now—but they’ve recently done their entrance on a runway. And now they’re a tie on a conform scene. 

This all started behind in September, when Tevas flooded a spring/summer 2019 shows (with socks!).

Image: Instagram/@sandyliang


Most trendsetters took that as a warning to buy a span of Tevas. We’ve been seeing them for months now on all a street-style mavens and conform it-girls. But now the trend has taken a turn—and in my opinion, it’s for a better. Designer brands have jumped on the tourist sandal trend and done them so many cooler. 

Image: Courtesy Photo

The initial ones we saw were a Gucci lead leather sandal with crystals, and to be honest with you, we was confused. Intrigued, though really confused. Gucci describes this shoe as a “sneaker-sandal hybrid, desirous by a hiking world.” we mean, I’m not one for hiking, though if we were, we consider these competence not be my shoe of choice. we also took that outline a litttttle out of context—Gucci goes on to describe its Cruise 2019 collection, that these sandals are partial of, as exploring hybridization—”a twin brew in that things aren’t what they seem and separate worlds hit in an astonishing way.” Got it! Let’s demeanour like we could presumably go hiking, though we apparently won’t be since a “hiking” sandals cost $1,250 and are detailed with crystals. we get it, Gucci. we mean, we wear examination garments bland and we never work out.

So anyway, we wasn’t a outrageous fan of a corpulent jewels, though this was runway couture. we wanted to see more. we indispensable ready-to-wear versions of these traveller sandals. Plus, I’ll never hit a trend right away. They aren’t always well-received in a beginning, and ones like this seem to be a ones that scatter a many feathers anyway. we like to lay behind and wait until we find a chronicle of a trend that I’m about. Don’t forget: father sneakers and mules weren’t cold twin years ago, though have we left out in open or non-stop your Instagram app in a final year? If so, we know.

So after my initial introduction to a engineer traveller sandal (thank you, Montana Taplinger), within days trend reports and blog posts about “the nauseous sandal you’re going to keep observant on Instagram”  kept flooding my inbox. Who What Wear dubbed them “Sporty. Cool. Kind of weird.” And that’s substantially a best outline out there of this chunky, strappy, rare footwear.

But isn’t that a best thing about fashion? After all, who wants to be boring? Why not wear something many people won’t understand? And if it’s uncanny with a cost tag, even better, since we adore a good conform movement. And we adore even some-more when we know usually a handful of people in this city will welcome it. Which is because we was so vehement when we saw internal trendsetter Brittany Russell rocking a span of Louis Vuitton sandals in a Bahamas final week—visual explanation of a trend here in Sarasota before I even proofread this post.

Image: Brittany Russell

So we have to know, what are your thoughts about this trend in footwear? Will we be rocking a span of engineer traveller sandals? Take a demeanour during my favorite picks—I started with a few versions of a strange traveller sandal, afterwards chose a a few “milder” versions of a corpulent sandal trend and of course, a full-on engineer traveller sandals that will have we possibly saying, “Yessss!” or “Nope, not in my closet.”

The Originals 

Image: Courtesy Photos

Teva midform concept geometric sandal, $60 during Nordstrom // Birkenstock Arizona white Birko-Flor sandal, $100 during Nordstrom // Chaco Z/Cloud sandal, $110 during Nordstrom

The “Let’s Just Dip Our Toes into This Trend” Sandals 

Image: Courtesy Photos

Balenciaga logo-print leather sandals, $695 during Net-a-Porter // Louis Vuitton Bom Dia Mule, $795 during Louis Vuitton // Vince Floyd Leather Flatform Sandal, $225 during Saks Fifth Avenue // Prada Leather Double Band Platform Sandal, $690 during Saks Fifth Avenue

The Full-On Tourist Sandals 

Gucci leather and filigree sandal with crystals, $1,250 during Gucci // Gucci fuchsia lead leather sandal with crystals, $1,250 during Gucci // Gucci bullion lead leather sandal with crystals, $1,250 Gucci // Fendi T-Rex sandals, $990 during Saks Fifth Avenue // Prada Nastro prosaic sandal, $790 during Saks Fifth Avenue


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