Top 5 Weird & Unusual Christmas Traditions around a universe – India

Hollywood cinema and books created by British and American authors have all done us accustomed to a certain process of celebrating Christmas. However, really few people know that Christmas is distinguished in a opposite approach in several other tools of a world. In fact, during many places, Christmas Day does not fall on Dec 25! While some tools of a world, like Poland, start their celebrations during a commencement of December, Russia celebrates it in January. ALSO READ: Merry Christmas Wishes: 20 Best WhatsApp Status, Facebook Messages, Images, DP SMS to wish Happy Christmas 2016!

Here are some some-more such uncanny and surprising Christmas traditions around a world!

1. Christmas Eve some-more special

Christmas Eve is a many critical day of a holiday deteriorate in Germany. Families customarily symbol a arise with a normal feast and go to church for midnight mass. While a few families sing Christmas carols on Christmas Day, it is not as distinguished as Christmas Eve itself!

2. When Julenissen replaces Santa

Norway has a tradition of exchanging presents on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. Another critical disproportion in celebrations in this partial of a universe is that while there is an angel walking about exchanging presents, it goes by a name of Julenissen instead of Santa Claus!

3. Summer Christmas!

While we mostly adorn a Christmas trees with snowflakes, people in Australia can't do that, as they applaud this critical day in a deteriorate of summer! The celebrations embody unresolved wreaths outward their residence and also decorating with a ‘Christmas Bush’, that is a local tree with tiny immature leaves and off-white flowers.

4. The Christmas Bookland

Iceland has a singular tradition that all book lovers will enjoy! People in Iceland have a tradition of exchanging books on Christmas Eve as gifts. They afterwards spend a residue of a night reading a book and celebrating Christmas. Wonderful, isn’t it? This competence only be each book lover’s favourite approach to acquire this celebratory day and we certain like it!

5. The Caganer in Barcelona

Caganer, that translates to ‘the shitter’ or ‘the pooper” is a statue of a male with his pants down and sitting in a position to take a ideal poop! This uncanny figurine is a partial of a reproduction stage in Barcelona. Originally a Caganer was an elfin or a gnome-like figurine, however, over time there have been many variations of this figure.

Merry Christmas 2016 to all and let us know if we remember any some-more uncanny Christmas traditions.

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