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As summer culminates in a detonate of festivals, one grungy loser of that blast of fun has been a Panic in Hamtramck, that started withdrawal a psyched-out fuzzed-out low-pitched skid-mark on Hamtramck in 2004. It’s some-more or reduction a one-man operation, headed by Timmy “Vulgar” Lampinen, and this would be a fest’s 14th year — if Lampinen hadn’t been dreaming by a new success and furloughed movement of his rope Timmy’s Organism.

Plus, with a opening of Planet Ant’s “Ant Hall” on Caniff, Hamtramck now has a venue that can accommodate hundreds of people instead of a smaller bars in city a Panic would customarily try jamming itself into.

“I’ve always wanted to do it during a bigger venue,” Lampinen says. “The Ant Hall is a ideal size. It can reason about 500 people, and they have a bar subsequent door, so we could do a rope in a bar and a rope in a gymnasium and have some-more music.”

It won’t be a initial time punk stone has taken over a hall, that hosted during slightest one punk uncover in a mid-1980s. In fact, as a uncover environment, a Ant Hall might even elicit nostalgia for comparison punks, being a ideal reversion to a days of a Graystone on Michigan Avenue.

“You know,” he says, “Panic in Hamtramck is only high-energy, furious stone ‘n’ roll, all my favorite bands that I’ve seen on debate or played with. These are a ones we could get to play.”

The Panic will run for 3 nights, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, during a same time as a initial 3 days of a Hamtramck Labor Fest. “Basically, it’s like a afterparty uncover from Labor Day fest, right down a travel from it,” Lampinen says. “I suppose everybody is going to be flattering illuminated and sauced adult from that already.”

Food will be supposing by Dangerously Delicious Pies. Two bars will offer inexpensive beer, and a Ant Hall provides a space, as good as what Lampinen calls “a unequivocally good sound system.”

We asked Vulgar to travel us by some of this year’s highlights:

The Buzzards

“This is a rope that used to play during a Gold Dollar and a Magic Stick behind in a day, with Joe Dirty of a Dirties and members of a Detroit Cobras. It’s unequivocally cool, like, garage trash.”

Human Eye

“My rope Human Eye is personification with Bill ‘Hurricane’ Williams, who’s on a initial 3 albums. We haven’t played with him given 2011.” Also, Lampinen says a band, that hasn’t played out in about dual or 3 years, will offer some new songs.

Mondo Sensorium

“Nai Sammon, guitar actor and idealist songwriter of a Piranhas, one of a many scandalous punk bands in Detroit, has a new organisation called Mondo Sensorium, and it’s members of Druid Perfume and Wade Kergan, a owners of Hello Records, and a womanlike singer, kind of like a David Bowie, glam prog oddball punk. It’s progged-out, and there’s a lot of cold changes. There’s a saxophonist, bass, guitar, and a same drummer of Human Eye, ‘Hurricane’ Williams, with like a 16-piece drum set. [laughs] They’re unequivocally original.”

Ricky Rat Pack

“Ricky Rat of a classical Detroit glam-pop organisation a Trash Brats and now a member of Cheetah Chrome’s Dead Boys. His solo work is tender glam punk.”

Mr. Clit a Pink Cigarettes

“A three-piece band, and it’s a womanlike stroke territory with a dude singing and personification guitar. They’re unequivocally cool, kind of ’70s punk, and they dress all crazy and wild.”

Flesh Rag

“Flesh Rag is from Hamilton, Ontario. They’re unequivocally cool, like a Detroit-sounding tough punk rock, kind of an MC5, Stooges feel, unequivocally high energy.”

Brainwashed California

“They’re a super-entertaining rope from Cleveland. The guitar actor is some aged dude who we consider had train-hopped to Cleveland and started personification song with these guys during a bar called Now That’s Class. we would contend they’re a punkest rope in a world.”

Gary Wrong

“Gary Wrong is drifting adult from Mobile, Ala. He was also in a rope called Wizard Sleeve. He’s flattering obvious around here from personification Panic in Hamtramck, in a past, and personification shows in city on tour. It’s like synthesizer space punk, outdoor space shit.”

Detroit 442

“It’s Lacy [Sterling]’s band, we know he’s been around given a late ’70s early ’80s with Son of Sam and a Hillside Stranglers, and I’m stoked to have him play. He’s a vital legend, and punk-rock lifer, furloughed Europe twice a year.”

Werewolf Jones

“This is a internal younger band, with Adam Hunter from Fake Surfers. They’re unequivocally cool. we saw them play this year and they reminded me of Bad Brains.”

The Beauticians

“Another unequivocally good younger band. They’re like farfisa keyboard punk, kind of like a Huns or something, only late ’70s uncanny keyboard punk. The singer’s got a good theatre presence. He’s crazy, falls off stage.”

Prude Boys

“These guys are friends of mine. They’ve been furloughed a lot and their annals are kind of like energy cocktail garage surf.”


“That’s Cory Weedon from a Sugarcoats, a solo project, kind of sounds like a Fall or Suicide or something.”

The Moonwalks

“Moonwalks are a renouned younger rope with a good following, playing, like, fuzzed out, pscyh-garage stone and roll. They got a good following.

Trouble Boys

The Trouble Boys are entrance adult from Austin on Sunday. They’re unequivocally cool, like, GG Allin-like glam punk.”

Doors open during 9 p.m. Friday-Sunday, Sept. 1-3, during a Ant Hall, 2320 Caniff St., Hamtramck. For some-more information, see Panic in Hamtramck’s Facebook page. Wristbands for a whole weekend are $26, accessible during Planet Ant’s website, or acknowledgment for one night is $10.

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