Three South Korean Fashion Designers You Need To Know

BESFXXK is a brainchild of designers Bona Kim and Jae Hyuk Lim, who met while study in London.BESFXXK

It’s tough to suppose a some-more stirring conform stage right now than Seoul’s. Though a youth-driven travel character and quick fashion’s ubiquity primarily sparked interest, it’s what’s been speckled on Seoul Fashion Week’s runways – that kicked off usually a few years ago in 2015 – that’s prisoner a courtesy of a some-more critical character set (think editors and buyers). And like a city’s boundary-pushing travel style, a Korean designers creation waves are usually as individualistic and diverse, travelling contemporary classics to rarely unpractical and directional. Below, 3 sparkling immature Korean designers we should get to know.

Heta is a genderless line creation waves with a liquid silhouettes and lush details.Heta

What: Heta

When: 2016

Who: Hoyoung Chi

Hoyoung Chi is a owner of Heta.Heta

Why: Chi complicated menswear in school, and it didn’t take prolonged before he landed during Kuho, Korea’s many famous, fashionable womenswear designer. (His pointy skills got him scouted for a desired internship.) Given his singular background, it was usually a matter of time before he’d strike out on his own. For his code name, Chi wanted something visually elementary and audibly memorable. (The initial h comes from his initial name, and “eta” is a Greek word for h.) Though Heta began with lush menswear – “I was sleepy of inexpensive and simply done streetwear and kept seeking because are there no fun panoply for men,” says Chi – this year, he motionless to pattern with everybody in mind. “I’m personification with genderless silhouettes, like lax jackets and tops with true fronts and flared backs. The looks are really fluid, and artistic with no boundaries.” He cites Margiela, Raf Simons, and Ghesquiere as inspirations, and it’s no fluke his fan bottom is identical to a artistic visionaries he looks adult to. “My business are stylists who dress stars, twenty-something guys in a conform industry, and happy men,” says Chi. “These people don’t follow a trends, they set them.”

EENK is secure in classic, collectible designs with a twist.EENK

What: EENK

When: 2015

Who: Hyemee Lee

Hyemee Lee is a conduct engineer of EENK.EENK

Why: In 2013, Lee kicked off an desirous try called a “Letter Project,” in that she expelled equipment each few months commencement with a opposite minute of a alphabet. (For example, she began with a minute b, and designed beanies. She’ll have finished her initial collection when she reaches a minute a.) After her initial few equipment turn hits, Lee rigourously launched her her possess code in 2015 with a minute g, calling it EENK. (She loves normal ink’s ability to promulgate and communicate, and put a turn on a word by adding a double e’s from her name.) Her business competence askance immature (think twenty and thirty-somethings), though Lee says her code is distant from trend-driven. “My business competence be young, though they’re people who are confident, and unapproachable of their identities,” says Lee. “Also, I’m a selected partner and collector, so my substructure is secure in classics – with a small astonishing thrown in.” It’s usually correct that her top-selling object is a stylish and neat iPhone box temperament a signature bullion block handle.

BESFXXK takes impulse from troops garments, and are multi-functional, nonetheless super stylish.BESFXXK


When: 2016

Who: Bona Kim and Jae Hyuk Lim

Bona Kim and Jae Hyuk Lim are a pattern twin behind BESFXXK.BESFXXK

Why: Kim and Lim met while study conform during a London College of Fashion, and launched Besfxxk together in late 2016, to “come adult with a new visible language,” says Lim. And it’s been a drum coaster knowledge for a courageous twin – whose name is a multiple of a word bespoke and f**k – ever since, from display during Milan Fashion Week to carrying one of their jackets snatched adult by Barney’s New York. Inspiration wise, a twin frequently anxiety troops garments. And why? “Naturally, there’s so most functionality in these clothes,” says Lim. “And we like to consider of opposite ways to make bland panoply some-more functional.” Much of their outerwear, for example, can be snapped, tied, or draped in opposite ways not usually for a opposite cultured – though purpose as well. Upon initial glance, many of BESFXXK’s designs demeanour hyper-directional, if we inspect closer, you’ll learn classic, undying details. “Our work is where story and contemporary enlightenment meet,” says Lim.

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