This Victoria’s Secret Model’s Bikini Photos Are Proof You Don’t Have to Hide Your Postpartum Belly

Candice gets vehement about her bikini body. 

Candice Swanepoel isn’t going to let trolls hurt her beach day. On Wednesday morning, a Victoria’s Secret Angel common a array of paparazzi photos centered on her postpartum body on a sand.

Just 3 weeks ago, she gave birth to her second son, Ariel. The paparazzi pics, meant to call courtesy to her altered shape, gave her a event to sound off on a impractical beauty standards new moms are hold to.

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The initial dual photos uncover her walking on a silt in a bikini. “This is me 12 days after carrying my son,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “If we have something bad to contend about it..Check yourself. Society can be so vicious to one another..Beauty standards are infrequently unfit for lady these days.”

“I’m not ashamed to uncover my [postpartum] tummy, we am unapproachable actually,” she continued. “I carried my son for 9 months in there, we consider I’ve warranted a right to have a small stomach … is it since I’m a model? Well we are normal people too so let me suffer a beach in assent please.”

In a successive paparazzi print series, Swanepoel showed herself requesting sunscreen onto her swell during her pregnancy.

“I don’t have to censor my stomach only since people have impractical standards of woman,” she wrote. “We emanate life.. what can we do? Ladies we are all in this together … be kind to any other.”

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body—there’s no doubt about that, and in fact it’s a flattering overwhelming thing. But with positive, clever messages like Swanepoel’s, all moms should feel unapproachable and assured of their shape.

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