This Vetements Sneaker Is an Absolute Unit

Look during this lad!

Created in partnership with Reebok (Vetements’ common go-to shoes partner), this new shoe is utterly literally a biggest and baddest sneaker that income can buy. The shoe’s top is a brew of tan nubuck leather in a character of a construction boot, though one discerning peek during a solitary and we see what unequivocally creates this savage of a sneaker shine. The whole thing sits on an ultra-bulky height solitary that is so large it creates adult about 50 percent of a shoe’s whole silhouette. As if that oversize rubber solitary weren’t adequate to spin some heads, there is also a outrageous contemplative Vetements trademark patch on a heel. And a cost to wear such a ridiculous span of kicks ain’t cheap, either: It clocks in during $1,650. That’s fundamentally double a cost of other Gvasalia-designed sneakers, that kind of creates clarity when we cruise this thing is literally twice a distance of a other already-oversize kicks, if it creates clarity during all.

What is a indicate of such a ridiculous-looking sneaker? Is Gvasalia indeed perplexing to make some arrange of forked conform statement? Is he sentimental for a days when you’d wear something like these to a rave? Or is he only giving us provender for menswear memes? It’s substantially a brew of all three—and that’s arrange of a point. Whether we adore him or hatred him, Gvasalia has already asserted himself as one of fashion’s many attention-grabbing designers. Celebrities adore his clothes, Balenciaga gave him a desired artistic executive gig, Vetements is still all over street-style photos, and so on and so on. So maybe a engineer has warranted a right to get genuine uncanny with it—and as distant as nauseous sneakers go, this thing is copiousness weird.

$1,650, pre-order now around Barneys New York

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