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November 17, 2020 - Bakeware Baking Set

Our holiday season will look a little different this year. Many of us are skipping large family gatherings and glittering parties with friends, and opting instead to spend more time at home, surrounded by our pod mates. But not everything has to change: We can still prepare delicious indulgent meals, festive cookies, and pies of every flavor. Great Jones, the cookware startup, has just dropped a bakeware collection that will get you excited about all of these culinary adventures.

Great Jones launched in 2017 with a set of cookware with a distinctly retro aesthetic inspired by cookbooks from the ’50s and ’60s, when legends like Julia Child and James Beard reigned. The brand has taken a similar approach to its new bakeware, which would fit right into a mid-century kitchen. The pieces come in the brand’s signature color palette of blue, green, and yellow, and some have a scalloped pattern reminiscent of vintage Pyrex designs.

[Photo: courtesy Great Jones]

“For this collection, our approach was to create a sense of joy. And we primarily did that through the use of color,” says Sierra Tishgart, a co-founder of Great Jones. “This year has reminded us of the power of baking. It’s a means to provide warmth and cheer to ourselves and those around us, and we wanted our bakeware to evoke those feelings.”

[Photo: courtesy Great Jones]

Tishgart says the brand has an extended design process that involves searching for the right materials and testing each piece to ensure that it is easy to use. Take, for instance, the casserole dish. The team decided to use oversize handles, to ensure that it would be easy to take it out of the oven with a mitt. The stoneware pieces are sturdy and designed to handle high heat. You can put the pie plate in the broiler, for instance, to create a perfect meringue. The heft of the steel pans ensures that they won’t warp even at the highest temperatures, while the coating means that it is easy to remove any burnt or sticky bits.

[Photo: courtesy Great Jones]

I tested every piece in the collection and found that the small, functional details do make the baking process easier and more fun. Each distributes heat well, which ensures food is cooked evenly. And afterwards, cleaning was a breeze. I found myself gravitating to the casserole dish the most. It’s the perfect size for a large lasagna, a medley of vegetables, or even a small roast chicken. Since we’re doing Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family of three this year, it’s the right size for our family. Importantly, the pieces are beautiful, adding color and style to your dining table and kitchen countertops.

These bakeware pieces would make wonderful holiday presents. You could bake a pie or bread for a beloved neighbor, for instance, and give them the pan as a gift. In our family, we’re planning to make lots of holiday cookies on the baking sheet, then send them to family members across the country.

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