This Designer Perfume Smells Like a Pitcher of Sangria — And That’s Exactly Why we Love It

Chalk it adult to body chemistry or only plain bad luck, though flattering most each incense we try — and trust me, I’ve attempted everything from $5 essential oils to $200+ engineer perfumes — fades divided on me in a matter of minutes. However, I’ve finally found a smell that indeed lasts: Jimmy Choo Fever Eau de Parfum ($62;

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You substantially know a name from your shoe selling endeavors, though the brand behind some of Carrie Bradshaw’s most-beloved stilettos has an endless incense portfolio. Fever is by distant a boldest scent. In perfume-person language, you’d call it a fruity gourmand, though in real-world terms I’d say it smells like a uninformed pitcher of sharp sangria. And given it truly lasts all day, we can news that a benevolence (which comes from records like plum nectar and heliotrope) simmers down after about dual hours of wear, during that time the spiciness of roasted tonka bean takes over.

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Personally, we feel like my days of incense hearing and blunder could be over now that I’ve found Fever. As an contemplative Carrie Bradshaw-in-front-of-her-laptop might remark, maybe committing to only one incense is easier than it seems.

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