This Custom Sandal Store Makes a Perfect One-of-a-Kind Summer Shoes — and They’re Affordable

Anita Patrickson is bringing normal craftsmanship to consumers in a approach that’s new and prevalent during a same time. After carrying a span of leather sandals handmade for her in Capri, Italy, a luminary stylist was so desirous by a dexterity that she motionless to try into her possess shoemaking business.

Her brand, Amanu, delivers a tradition knowledge that is a depart from a required prêt-à-porter sell indication — and her designs all find to emanate a ideal sandal.

“The peculiarity is exceptional,” Patrickson said. “The sandals are beautifully made. All a materials come from Florence, Italy, and we arrange in a shop.”

Amanu’s studio non-stop this month in West Hollywood, Calif. Shoppers are invited to book an appointment online to come in and name from a curated operation of materials, colors and styles, and emanate a one-of-a-kind sandal that is built in a impulse by lerned shoemakers. The whole routine takes 30 minutes.

There are roughly 400 pattern possibilities to select from, including styles such as ankle-tie flats, one- and two-strap sandals and a gladiator. The materials operation from nappa leather and suede to feathers.

“We can play with embellishments, and it can evolve,” pronounced Patrickson, observant that additions to a line will underline velvet and raffia.

The goal was to emanate a oppulance selling knowledge that is insinuate and offers present benefit — and that is affordable. Price points for a collection operation from $160 to $275.

Patrickson pronounced there are advantages to handling a made- to-order business.

“We are means to be nimble, and what’s good about this indication is, if a character isn’t working, we lift it,” pronounced a owner and CEO. “We don’t have register that can’t shift. We have a lot of shake room.”

Plus a code is eco-friendly. Patrickson is ardent about slicing down Amanu’s CO footprint and has ensured that a store is plastic-free.

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