This Black Beauty Blogger Started Major Beef With Kylie Cosmetics Over A Negative Review Of New Concealer

Whether Kylie kopycatted Fenty Beauty is adult for your interpretation. As Jackie says above many times, it’s good for brands to be expanding their strech to some-more customers. But if we don’t follow by with indeed creation products that indeed work for new intensity customers, spoiler alert: nobody will buy it!

You can watch Jackie’s explanation in a entirety above, though some of a takeaways are unequivocally critical things to consider. Perhaps a many extraordinary thing about a examination is a miss of relating undertones. With Rihanna‘s now-famous 40-shade drop, RiRi privately cited a need to embody a immeasurable array of skin tones — many generally undertones, that can exceedingly differ between people — since she honestly wanted to embody as many people as possible.

Kylie’s concealer in question, while described as carrying golden undertones, indeed veered some-more pink-ish in reality, so that’s…not accurate. Jackie also cited a concealer as being too liquidy for her taste, and after a night out, a side of her face with Colourpop was distant reduction glossy than a KyCo side.

Soooooo, if undertones and oil control are your biggest beauty hang-ups, competence be best to save your silver and try out a $6 option. The some-more we know!

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