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September 1, 2020 - Body Fragrance

Running out of your favourite perfume is incredibly annoying as high-end sprays can be very expensive to replace. Luckily these days there are plenty of bargain alternatives for those who don’t want to splash out a fortune on designer names.

You might not think to look to Superdrug’s own fragrance range, Layering Lab, when you’re shopping for a new scent but according to one excited user of Facebook’s Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK group, you definitely should — because apparently the Blossom Body Mist, £3.99 here, smells a lot like Mugler’s Alien EDT, £59 here.

This is the mist being likened to Alien
This is the mist being likened to Alien

“Thank you to whoever posted about Blossom being a dupe for Alien perfume. Superdrug now do the body lotion for £3.99 and shower gel,” a user named Katie commented.

“I’ve got it, it’s so good!” another said.

Katie then posted a shot showing the Blossom Body Mist and the Blossom Body Lotion, £4 here, that she also refers to.

There's a body lotion and a wash in the range as well
There’s a body lotion and a wash in the range as well

She wasn’t the first to make the comparison between Mugler and Blossom, as another user named Gemma posted in the same group last year that it “smells just like Alien and lasts all day”. However it’s a reminder that we all needed right now, as swapping to this dupe will save us a whopping £54.99.

Mugler's Alien is a nationwide favourite scent
Mugler’s Alien is a nationwide favourite scent

If you’re wondering how the two are similar in smells, it’s because they both contain fresh and floral notes of jasmine – though Superdrug’s version is likely to feature a weaker amount as it’s a mist. And the whole point behind this Layering Lab range is that the smells are quite subtle and can be paired together to give a “tailored” scent.

If you like the idea of testing out the Blossom scent and don’t mind spending a little more money, you can also try the Layering Lab Blossom EDT, £5 here, which should be a tad longer lasting on the skin as it isn’t just a mist.

Superdrug's Layering Lab has plenty of other scents
Superdrug’s Layering Lab has plenty of other scents

There are also plenty of other fragrances in the Layering Lab if you want to branch out into other smells. Our pick is the Fresh Body Mist, £3.99 here, as it also has a slightly premium scent.

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