These risqué images in Victoria’s Secret stores are annoying moms of teenagers — and it’s melancholy a best …

Racy ads behind a money register in a Victoria’s Secret Manhattan store.Business Insider/Mary Hanbury

  • Mothers of teenage shoppers are mad about a risqué photos in Victoria’s Secret stores and contend they are inapt for immature girls selling a company’s PINK line. 
  • A patron common photos of a Victoria’s Secret store in a Columbiana Centre Mall in South Carolina.
  • Oversexualized ads like those in a photos could bluster Victoria’s Secret’s teen attire business, that has been a splendid mark for a retailer.

Victoria’s Secret is ostracizing some business with a risqué ads. 

“It’s basically pornography,” shopper Jessie Shealy wrote on Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook page, referring to a ads on arrangement in her internal store in South Carolina. Shealy has teenage daughters who emporium from Victoria’s Secret’s PINK attire brand, that is targeted toward younger consumers. She told Business Insider she has called and emailed Victoria’s Secret and her internal mall, Columbiana Centre, to protest about a images she’s seen in a store. 

Shealy’s biggest censure is that her store doesn’t have a order between PINK and Victoria’s Secret’s risque slip collection. This means that younger PINK shoppers are subjected to some of a some-more risqué imagery while they’re shopping.

“I’ve not been happy with a displays for a while though when a models are widespread leg, pulling down panties and even unclothed bottom women on a walls … it is VERY annoying for a family,” she wrote on Facebook.

These displays don’t seem to be unchanging in all of Victoria’s Secret’s stores. We visited a store in Manhattan and found that it did have dual graphic sections for any brand, with apart checkout areas. 

Victoria’s Secret did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s ask for comment. 

The ads are in risk of deleterious PINK by putting off a shoppers. This is generally concerning as PINK has turn one of a many successful tools of a company, reporting stronger sales than a other tools of a store in new years. During a third entertain of 2017, sum sales during PINK increasing in a mid-single-digit operation while sales in a beauty and slip sections were down, a company pronounced in a gain call.

Shealy common photos from her internal Victoria’s Secret store with Business Insider. 

Editor’s Note: Some of these photos competence not be deliberate protected for work. 

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