These Louis Vuitton Sandals Will Make You an Airport Style God

The brand’s new Honolulu sandals are a new celeb favorite.

When many people hear “Louis Vuitton,” they tend to consider of costly handbags, or maybe Supreme collabs. Not…sandals, that never unequivocally feel “luxury,” no matter that code is creation them. However, a French oppulance residence has recently been holding some risks. Just demeanour during their radically-designed Archlight sneaker (a favorite of Jaden Smith). And afterwards spin your gawk to these new slip-on sandals—the ones that have turn an present strike with select dudes like John Mayer, Lil Uzi Vert, and Travis Scott. These kicks aren’t like a flip-flops your father used to wear around a residence on weekends, though. Nor are they a pool slides ragged by hypebeasts and college sophomores alike. In loyal Louis Vuitton style, these boots are stunt-worthy and luxurious—in other words, accurately what you’d design a $950 span of sandals to be.

The travel-ready sandal facilities a iconic LV monogram imitation on a upper, a purify outsole, and a tag with contemplative trademark print. It comes in dual colorways: one with a brand’s customary brown-and-tan shades with a dim navy strap, and a brighter choice that facilities an aqua-blue monogram imitation with an army immature strap. The strapped-up conformation is an engaging demeanour for Louis Vuitto—we don’t mostly see tactical-leaning touches like straps and contemplative 3M from a brand. But it’s not like a sandal-on-steroids demeanour is totally out of conform left-field—these work in a same capillary as pairs from brands like Visvim and Suicoke, and they’ve got a small bit of fashion-ninja sensibility, too. Regardless of a brand’s inspiration, LV has managed to brew a worlds of oppulance conform and street-friendly tech-y design—which is most easier pronounced than done. That flattering most creates these a ideal boots for stunting by a airport—the ideal shoe for looking cold and slipping in-and-out of easily. (For a record, wear these with hosiery when you’re during a airport—you never wish to be Exposed Toe Guy.)

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Because Kim Jones’s reign during LV saw a code drop a toe into insanely oppulance streetwear, a classical LV monogram has now works most like a cold striking T-shirt or prohibited sneaker: a pointer that we know what’s up. So it’s no warn these sandals are already dear by streetwear-loving guys. And we know we might not be jesetting around a creation like these famous musicians, though if we have your possess vacation on a horizon, or are simply looking for a span of flex-worthy sandals for this summer, these Louis Vuitton mules are one easy approach to make certain we loll in luxe-as-hell style.

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