These Hands-Free Sneakers Help Seniors and a Disabled Get Dressed

There’s a flourishing transformation in a boots marketplace to make it even easier for consumers to step into a span of boots with styles that are hands-free.

Zeba has launched a collection of sneakers with a exclusive record that turns a lace-up character into a slip-on, providing easy entrance for those with seniors and those with disabilities.

The judgment has been in growth for 3 years and is formed on a collapsible heel record done of immaculate steel that allows a wearer to simply slip their feet into a shoe. The heel folds down to concede access, afterwards earnings to a strange position. The laces need to be tied only once for a personalized fit.

According to Omer Altay, who co-founded a code with Michael Zahabian, both newcomers to a shoe industry, a record is now law in Europe, with patents tentative in a U.S. and China.

“We designed Zebas to be ragged by everyone, though seniors and those with disabilities fast became a many eager supporters,” pronounced Zahabian, about online feedback.  “We take it for postulated now, though as we get comparison or, God forbid, get into an accident, putting on boots can turn a challenge.”

Prior to a launch of a Zeba, Zahabian was in a valuables and genuine estate industries, while Altay, is concerned in genuine estate and is a web designer. The two, pronounced Altay, customarily try new business ventures, and landed with Zeba.

Currently, a men’s and women’s sneakers are accessible for pre-order online during ignored prices of $130. Delivery is approaching in September/October.

While Zeba is not a initial to deliver a lace-less technology, brands such as Kizik and  Quikiks, have any put their possess spin on a concept.

Other brands that underline a hands-free complement embody ZeroTie, a complement allows boots to tie around a feet by regulating a weight of one’s leg and slight transformation of a feet to tie a laces.

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