Theater review: Yo, ho, ho! ‘Treasure’ Island’ is a swashbuckling delight

Opening night, we saw one pint-sized assembly member enter a museum doorway dressed in full regalia, including a skeleton-emblazoned conduct headband and a striped shirt underneath a bandit t-shirt. When he incited and saw a bandit boat set, he stood, jaw dropped, wordless during first, and afterwards pronounced in a shrill voice, “Awesome!”

Jeff Brown’s pretentious set is indeed overwhelming and provides a ideal bandit stadium for a story to unfold. Brown also designed a windy and colorful lighting.

Kristen Biles creates considerable duration costumes and furious bandit regalia to assistance ride us to another time and place. Her clarity of fact from wigs to shoes is always impeccable.

Since Stevenson penned this creatively in serialized format in 1881-82, it has reappeared in many films, including live action, animation and even a Muppet version, capturing minds, hearts and imaginations around a world.

Wise Fool’s clever impression work all around done it easy to turn enthralled in a high seas adventure. Jim Hawkins (KT Magnolia) is a story’s anecdotist and a trusting kid who gets swept adult in a universe he never knew existed. When a male dies during his mother’s inn, Jim finds a value map in a effects a passed male leaves behind.

Magnolia, personification a boy, has copiousness of bravery to spare, holding a story together as we go on a furious journey with her in hunt of a fugitive treasure.

With a shabby lot of bilge-sucking buccaneers surrounding him, it is when Long John Silver (Dave Orman) enters a theatre and gets concerned in a lurch to a treasure, that things flog into high gear. Orman creates Long John Silver his own. No Johnny Depp mimic here, Orman is funny, frightful and charming, display that even a implicitly obscure knave can have a heart.

The many excitable opening of a night is Rob Hadaway’s as a crazed, confused and cackling Ben Gunn. He enters like a whirling dervish and never stops spinning from there to a end. The bad marooned essence ends adult assisting to save a day and a treasure.

Onstage song on a concertina played by Beth Brophy (in a guise of a pirate) and a strong garb singing of sea and bandit chanteys also assistance to emanate a sharp-witted ambiance.

Chani Ninneman, a correct lady behind Wise Fool, blending a book herself and directed. She even stepped in during a final notation to reinstate an actor who was incompetent to perform. One of her crusades is to give each child who attends a giveaway duplicate of a novel by Wise Fool’s theatre to page program.

Providing a pleasant shun from a winter doldrums, Wise Fool’s prolongation is a fun dusk for a youngest cabin child or lady right adult to a oldest tainted sea-dogs in a audience.

Shiver me timbers! You are guaranteed to travel out with your best bandit swagger, singing “Yo-ho-ho! A pirate’s life for me!”

If You Go

What: Wise Fool Theater’s prolongation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure island”

Where: Lincoln Park Middle School, 3215 W 3rd St.

When: Today-March 18, Fridays and Saturdays during 7:30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays during 2 p.m. are compensate what we can. Sensory-friendly opening during 2 p.m. Sunday, Mar 11.

Tickets: or (218) 269-4953

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