The story of Charles Frederick Worth, a Lincolnshire kid who became Queen Victoria’s favourite couturier

 It’s a many select of fairytales- a bad Lincolnshire lad who went out to work during 11, arrived in Paris with £5 in his slot and eventually designed a initial bespoke frocks for a newly re-established Parisian justice within years of nearing in a city. 

But a passing of a residence founded by Charles Frederick Worth, a unlikely, British-born father of haute couture, is a some-more dystopian story, too; because his great-grandson, a final of 4 generations of mythological designers, abruptly quit and what became of a happening a century of sauce a world’s rich, stately and famous should have constructed as a bequest stays a mystery.      

“You’re not a initial one to ask because Roger Worth left a business and what happened to all after it was sold,” says Chantal Troubert-Tollu, Charles’s great-great-granddaughter,  with a devious shrug as we sip a noisette in Paris’s Cafe de la Paix,…

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