The Shining 8th Anniversary, MUJOSH Boarding to New York Fashion Week

As a tip conform event, New York Fashion Week is a theatre for rising designers and an locus for celebrities’ character competition. With so many stylish and fashion-forward artists in a show, it is a miracle for MUJOSH to step into New York Fashion Week. The code aims to move a cutting-edge character and innovative suggestion to a tellurian conform stage. In 2018, MUJOSH distinguished a 8th anniversary and rested a world’s awareness, that also outlines MUJOSH’s new step in a general outlook.

WOODTOPIA =WOOD + UTOPIA. The classical WOOD symbolizes timelessness, farrago and vitality, while a UTOPIA represents a opposite worlds and futures of tellurian imagination.

As a multiple of Wood and Utopia, WOODTOPIA represents a new tour in that classical timber will be reshaped and extended. The opposite woods are total with several materials to hit and enthuse a opposite attributes.  The WOODTOPIA judgment was innate underneath conform and futuristic, that explores a tie and countenance between classical materials and smart frames, presenting a multi-attribute properties of wood.

The WOODTOPIA array mangle a shackles of a normal support and stimulates a multi-faceted multifaceted pattern of a frame. Geometric multi-border type, pointy edges and corners, a design, suitable for a accumulation of wearing styles, meets a daily needs of immature people. Especially for a new titanium steel glasses, a wooden beads are used for decorative, such hand-polished African Ebony timber shows a opposite pointed interpretation.


Established in 2010, MUJOSH is a cutting-edge conform eyewear code headquartered in Hong Kong. Boldly mixing singular elements and styles into design, this dedicated code has an opinion of a possess to inspire immature groups to consider out of a box and to be innovative.

MUJOSH has over 1000 specialty stores located in high-end selling malls and dialect stores covering 15 countries including China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Philippines, United States, Japan and so on.

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