The Luxury Resale Site Breathing New Life Into Our Handbag Game

Fashion has prolonged been famous for relocating during lightning speed—a gait that’s usually been magnified by a revolving doorway of trends driven by a digital-first culture. And yet, a oldest obsessions continue to die-hard—we’d be fibbing if we told we we didn’t still consider about that Proenza bag from 6 seasons ago, or that Céline receptacle we roughly snapped up, usually to never see it again.

It’s accurately that incessant adore of the hunt (if we know, we know) and a arriving holidays that gathering us to StockX—a resale marketplace that takes a batch market-like proceed to retail, hence a name. While a site initial launched as a sneakerhead haven—where we can magnitude like-new Adidas NMDs, a many collectible of Jordans, and goodies from a LV x Supreme collab—they’ve given non-stop adult their offerings to embody bags (think: Fendi, Balenciaga, Prada and more), accessories, streetwear and watches, too. Predictably, we’ve been in critical difficulty ever given browsing their 20k+ accessible styles.

If we have nonetheless to drop your toes into a self-evident waters of shopping big-ticket bags online and feel a small heedful about a whole thing, StockX will simply lessen those fears. They have a severely consummate authentication routine for each singular object sole by their site, and usually approve pieces in glorious condition to be sold, so we know you’re removing a like-new item. It’s also only a place to snap adult an astonishing understanding on styles that are mostly unfit to find and sole out only about everywhere else. And, honestly, what’s a better holiday present than a singular Supreme toolbox or a Gucci double-G handbag? Because we “bid” on equipment on StockX, that means we can enter an offer for reduction than what a seller of your bucket-list Hermès bag competence be asking—and win. True to their “stock” name, we can also draft and magnitude how any given square is doing on a market—how it’s been offered in a marketplace and for how much—so we can truly weigh your latest investment.

Its good for sellers, too—if youre looking to, say, do a obliged thing and barter out final seasons squeeze before throwing down money on something new, all we have to do is boat a bag off to StockX once it sells, and they hoop a rest. No elaborate photoshoots in your little unit necessary—simply find your bag on a site, and name your price. You get to pat yourself on a behind for a pursuit good done…and soon buy a new bag with your earnings. That’s how this works, right?


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