The internet has found Gisele Bündchen’s doppelgänger

Gisele Bündchen improved watch out, since 16-year-old lookalike Paula La Croix competence be entrance for her career.

The Brazilian-native is a amicable media influencer and up-and-coming model who initial began her career in front of a camera usually dual years ago. After attending a workshop dedicated to finding new faces in a displaying industry, La Croix tells Yahoo Lifestyle that a displaying director who ran it was a initial to make a comparison between herself and Bündchen — and a pieces all started to come together. “As we was always meddlesome in fashion, it was transparent to me that we had to try! From that indicate on, it has turn my passion,” she explains.

In a brief volume of time, La Croix has naturally transitioned into being a operative indication — mostly interjection to her similarity to Bündchen. Throughout a hundreds of photos a teen posts, there are always countless people observant how they believed they were looking during a immature Bündchen.

“Being compared to Gisele is an honor, she is simply amazing,” La Croix says. “I trust a comparison has usually generated good things due to my opinion on it.”

Whereas some competence try to stretch themselves from being famous as someone’s doppelgänger, La Croix embraces it.

“Of march we am desirous by her — she is one of my large inspirations due to her resilience and confidence. However, we wish to emanate my possess path!” a immature indication says. “My aim is to be myself and pursue my possess career. But we do not review myself to her, as we are both unique.”

Although La Croix’s Instagram is fundamentally filled with flawless photos of herself in front of a camera, she maintains a normal teenage life, attending school and posting with her friends. Unlike many immature people in her industry, she says that preparation stays her priority.

“I will stay in propagandize and we devise on going to college,” she says. “I am posterior my career, operative as most as a change with propagandize allows me to! we wish that we work a lot with modeling, that is something we adore to do!”

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