The Fondation Alaïa Will Open With an Olivier Saillard–Curated Exhibition during a Jan Haute Couture Shows

In Paris this morning, a Maison Alaïa announced a approaching arrangement of a Fondation Alaïa during 18 Rue de la Verrerie, in a building where Alaïa lived and worked, and that also houses a late designer’s muster space and shop.

A quote from Alaïa headlined a release: “My mania has always been to make women beautiful. When we pattern with that thought in mind, zero can go out of fashion.”

An muster showcasing Alaïa’s “heritage, style, icons, and savoir-faire,” curated by Olivier Saillard, will open in a designer’s domicile during a Haute Couture collections subsequent month.

Reached by phone, Saillard pronounced that he considers this plan a quite personal endeavor. “It’s some-more than a veteran mission. For me, it’s an respect and a responsibility. Azzedine is someone we admired, though he was also a friend.”

The show, called “Azzedine Alaïa: Je Suis Couturier,” is “more an loyalty than an exhibition,” Saillard explained, with about 35 pieces focusing on dusk wear and pieces that “show [Alaïa’s] high and eminent work as a French couturier.” He estimated that approximately half a pieces would be iconic, and a other half never before been displayed.

The curator also remarkable that given Alaïa died “at a tallness of his art,” a reverence will embody several dusk dresses from his final couture display final July. “I’m really unapproachable to accompany an organisation that honors a final couture great. There might be other good designers, though we wish to uncover to what border Alaïa knew how to do it all,” pronounced Saillard. “Azzedine did a work. Now it’s adult to us to build his memory.”

Alaïa’s arriving ready-to-wear and accessories collections will be presented in Jan and Mar of 2018. Also subsequent spring, a muster “Azzedine Alaïa, a Couturier” will be presented during a London Design Museum, underneath a instruction of Mark Wilson. The residence will establish a initial London store during 139 New Bond Street during that time.

“The many talents that make adult a Alaïa family—some of whom have been constant collaborators for some-more than 30 years—will accompany a residence in this new era,” a press recover noted. “This family will continue a prophesy and character of Monsieur Alaïa: a undying beauty that comes to life each day in his workshops, studio, and archives.”

Inspired by a designer’s adore of culture—specifically fashion, art, design, architecture, music, and theater—the new Fondation Alaïa is a tusk of a eponymous organisation founded in 2007 by a designer, his partner Christoph von Weyhe, and his longtime crony Carla Sozzani.

In further to “housing all a treasures of a Maison and a designer,” a substructure will combine with informative institutions to showcase a collections. It will theatre unchanging exhibitions on conform story and pattern and residence a library specializing in conform and enlightenment “for investigate and development.”

Lastly, a Maison Alaïa also announced a investiture of grants to be awarded to “young conform visionaries.”

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