The First Lady’s purse!

It is unequivocally unfortunate to revoke a full presidential debate to a purse of a First Lady and a President’s watch. Frankly, it is a contrition to hunt for gossip every time a personality takes a presidential tour, afterwards make it a speak of a town, though profitable courtesy to a results. The president’s debate in Asian, and a stress of his assemblage to BRICS limit was ignored by a question; should a president’s mother have carried a purse from Ataba (the cheapest marketplace in Cairo)? Should a boss have put on a Jovial watch?

It is irrational to be so trivial, and unsuitable that report be this absurd. Who pronounced that a purgation of a boss depends on if he dresses well? Who pronounced that a purgation of a First Lady means that her purse contingency be Gucci? She represents Egypt, and Sisi is not usually an Egyptian citizen, he is a citizen with a pretension of president. If he is not adult to Egypt’s standards, afterwards we would reason him accountable, and we suppose that we speak about why, not a watch or a purse!

Did we had like Morsi and his wife? The male looked like Ahmadinejad, and both dressed similar to a train conductor with a stained fit and upsetting outlook, and his opening not adult to a customary to conduct a metropolitan council. Was this a model? we contend this to a Muslim Brotherhood specifically, since they are a ones who adopt this nonsense on a internet and amicable media. Was he a male representing Egypt with his superintendence office?

Still we don’t consider that BRICS limit was an essential start for a entrance of a First Lady in and domestic and amicable arena, and I’m not with those who ask her for a larger purpose in a entrance period. The First Lady won’t respond to those who ask her to uncover up. She chose by herself to support a president, and take caring of the residence on his behalf. The boss chose that she creates appearances usually for singular occasions over a past 3 years!

Honestly, a initial lady will do good if she does not respond to this trap. The Egyptians do not like this. The open mood does not simulate this is what they want. Her entrance will confuse courtesy from a open work, to a code of dress, purse, and watch. This is not excusable now, and her entrance doesn’t supplement to a president. Her appearances would be a regard since a Muslim Brotherhood are sport for anything. Do not forget that we will be entrance on a presidential elections in a few months. we trust that she will not determine along with a president!

Imagine if a initial lady went to a amicable occasion, to establish a gift work, a speak will be directly about her garments and diamonds.

She is, in my opinion, one of a simplest First Ladies in a world, a many disciplined, and wakeful of courtesy that surrounds her. Have we lost that Melania went in an Italian dress with Trump to honour workers, and a speak was about her lush dress, that costs $3 million and not appreciation of a workers?!

I know that a boss did not have his mother accompany him for a “first launch” towards some-more open appearances. On a contrary, this was a “protocol” thing and ended. Repeat appearances are not repeatable locally, though usually internationally when necessary. This is a curtsy to a First Lady, not to respond to those who direct her to make open appearance.

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