The Craziest Shoes of London Fashion Week Men’s Spring ’19

Leave it to any London conform week to yield a wacky, rebellious take on a latest trends.

While New York always has a sporty corner and both Milan and Paris gaunt some-more sophisticated, conform insiders demeanour to London for initial looks that pull a limits. London’s Men’s Fashion Week for a open ’19 deteriorate was no different, and a out-there looks highlighted a series of trends that have been function a past few seasons.

The Man-Platform

Believe it or not, a many outlandish demeanour during London Fashion Week Men’s is a trend that’s been percolating on a runways for a few seasons, despite in really tiny circles. The speckled platforms during Charles Jeffrey Loverboy’s uncover are not for novices.

The Western Boot

The Western-inspired foot has done a approach to both men’s and women’s runways — though frequency to a pleasant demeanour like this Hawaiian shirt-and-shorts combo during Liam Hodges.

Protest Looks

Protest conform has permeated all conform weeks, though no some-more so than during London Fashion Week. This season, a Man uncover enclosed signs meant to demeanour like criticism placards though were indeed dress let requests. This demeanour compulsory a men’s sandal with a ma costume.


Flannel, piercings and spikes are punk signatures. But suede boots? Not so much. Privacy Policy and Staff Only’s runway uncover pronounced otherwise.


Tech-accented accessories in materials like neoprene and rubber are here to stay, and Privacy Policy and Staff Only’s uncover valid it.

Socks and sandals

This shoes combo has reached a apex, though Edward Crutchley’s hosiery-like filigree hosiery are a step above.

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