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Founded in 1936 by a Bausch and Lomb Company in Rochester, New York, Ray-Ban is an iconic eyewear brand, constituent to classical Americana and retro style. The company’s sunglasses have graced some of a many famous faces of a past 100 years, from mirrored aviators on General Douglas Macarthur (incidentally, a initial mirrored sunglasses ever put into production) to black Wayfarers on a Blues Brothers to a brand’s classical Aviators on many everybody in a film Top Gun.

Today, Ray-Ban operates from within a general eyewear firm Luxottica in Milan, Italy. Luxottica also owns several other famous brands like Persol, Oliver Peoples, Arnette and Prada Eyewear, as good as a retailers LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut and Pearl Vision, among others. Thanks to such a strong backing, Ray-Ban is means to offer a wider accumulation of stylish sunglasses than ever before, including dozens of models for group and women and adequate tone and element options to make we dizzy. But if we usually wish some classical shades and a spins are starting to set in, you’re in fitness — this shopping beam is meant to assistance we collect a right shades for your impression and eye-protection needs.

Terms to Know

Acetate: This fake element — also famous as cellulose acetate — was initial used for eyewear in a late ‘40s. It is done from a polymer subsequent from timber pap or other healthy fibers, and is both silken and transparent. In new years, a element has been transposed by less-expensive nylon frames.

G-15: Ray-Ban’s G-15 lens underline a special green
tint that was grown for troops pilots in a ’30s, filtering out a lot of a splendid blue light a pilot’s eyes would be unprotected to when drifting above a cloud line. These lenses usually concede 15% of manifest light to pass by them, hence a “15,” so they’re best for splendid balmy days. While Ray-Ban offers a far-reaching operation of tints, counterpart finishes and gradients with or though lens polarization, a G-15 lens is deliberate a many classical choice for any impression we could want.

Temples:These keep a front of a frames (which reason a lenses) from descending off your face. In many glasses, they are a prolonged missile that stretches to a ear and is connected to a church tip that curves behind a ear (holding a eyeglasses in place).

Polarized/Polarization: Polarized lenses have a special film that helps them to revoke glisten — that is, splendid reflected light. This works by usually permitting light that enters a lenses plumb — unreflected light, approach from a light source — to enter through, restraint a immeasurable infancy of light that reflects off plane surfaces like bodies of water, vast stretches of cement or fields of snow. Polarization is generally useful for people who do a lot of balmy highway driving, daytime fishing, skiing, mountaineering or hiking in snowy areas. Polarized lenses typically cost some-more than unpolarized ones.

The @ Collection: These are online exclusives that we won’t find in stores, including special-edition Wayfarers, Aviators, Clubmasters and more. Some are usually customary models not sole during sell locations, though some are limited-edition or one-time anniversary releases, so if we see a span from this collection that we unequivocally want, you’d be best suggested to act quickly.

Square Shape

Wayfarer Classic

This pattern debuted in 1952 and fast became one of a many iconic (and oft-imitated) eyewear shapes on a market. Wayfarers are characterized by stout acetate frames, logos during any church and dual little steel ovals on a front of a frame.

The Wayfarer Classics can be bought polarized or unpolarized, with mixed lens stain options to collect from. You also competence wish to keep an eye out for special editions of a Wayfarer — in a past, a iconic figure has been done accessible with tons of furious support prints and hardness options as good as a customary silken black and tortoiseshell colorways.


One of Ray-Ban’s many vintage-inclined shapes, a Clubmaster facilities wire-rimmed lenses with an acetate brow square and acetate church arms. Similar to a Wayfarer, you’ll find a Ray-Ban trademark during any church as good as a little steel embeds nearby adult nearby a tub hinges. The customary choice for anyone wanting a classical span of Clubmasters is a black acetate support with gold-tone metals and Ray-Ban’s classical immature G-15 lens tint, though these are also accessible with tortoiseshell acetate, and polarized or G-15 lenses are an choice for any tone we finish adult choosing. You competence also wish to check out a ClubRound sunglasses, that are closely formed on a normal Clubmaster though with a dull lens bottom.

New Wayfarer

Ray-Ban’s updated take on what’s arguably a many classical design, these underline a somewhat smaller form and malleable support shape. The outcome is a span of sunglasses that’s good for smaller faces, or anyone who feels like a strange Wayfarer was this tighten to removing it right though didn’t utterly cut it.

Blaze Meteor

Based around a prosaic one-piece lens design, these sharp-shaped frames can be pointed or statement-making depending on what you’re after. Choose your nylon frames in silken black, tortoise bombard or fade-striped variations for a singular demeanour that’s as versatile as anything else we can get from Ray-Ban’s lineup.

Pilot Shape


Bausch and Lomb grown this pattern in a ’30s to assistance strengthen a prophesy of troops pilots; this was also a start of a brand’s G-15 lens, that was done privately for pilots before apropos a classical choice opposite all Ray-Ban sunglass options. Today we can also collect adult polarized Aviators, in several support styles and lens colors (as good as in titanium), for a slight boost in price.


Available with bullion or black frames, a Outdoorsman facilities vintage-inspired sum like a brow bar and handle temples (hooked behind your ears) to improved reason a shades on your face if you’re doing some-more than usually beachcombing. You can also opt for a Craft chronicle of a Outdoorsman (for a poignant upcharge) that has genuine deer leather during a padded brow bar and church tips, rather than rubber or plastic.


Similar to a Outdoorsman, these sunglasses have a dull brow bar, though where a Outdoorsman has winding handle temples, these are traditional. The Shooter facilities one unequivocally distinguished disproportion that’ll make it mount out from a pack, though: a turn bridge. If you’ve ever wanted to channel Hunter S. Thompson à la Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, start here. (Then go buy a bucket hat.)

Tech Aviators

Starting during around $250, this line of sunglasses includes several models done for Scuderia Ferrari. Each span of shades facilities CO fiber church arms, semi-rimless frames, and your choice of yellow, red or Chromance lens tints.


These sunglasses from 1957 were put out as a geometric choice to a Aviator, that was already immensely popular. Like a Marshal referenced below, these unequivocally have some leading-man cachet same to Ray-Ban’s many renouned and iconic styles, though they’re distant reduction common than normal aviators or Wayfarers. If we wish to mount out in a unequivocally superb way, it’s tough to do improved than a Caravan.


This impression competence sound like it leans delicate since of a name, though it’s meant to be unisex. And if we like a excellent church arms and softly-shaped frame, you’ll have a far-reaching operation of colors and materials — 9 of them on Ray-Ban’s site alone — to select from.


Simply put, these are a attainment of adventurous all on their own. Part poker player, partial you-definitely-own-a-vintage-motorcycle, a Wings impression is for someone looking to make a statement, though with their far-reaching wind-blocking pattern and mirrored lens options, they unequivocally aren’t impractical. If they’re a bit too form for your tastes though we like a thought of carrying a windshield on your face, check out a Wings II; they’re unequivocally similar, though with an bony support figure to improved enrich a naturally dull face.

Blaze General

A unequivocally smart refurbish to a General support style, these underline shimmering coloring, a flat-rim pattern around a lenses and your choice of gold- or silver-toned steel frames, and a flattened brow bar for an additional sip of character.

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Round Shape

A extended difficulty of a sunglasses Ray-Ban offers today, a Round collection is indeed stoical of several styles that operation from truly turn — cruise John Lennon — to semi-rectangular (like what Don Draper wore in Mad Men) and even hexagonal. Most support shapes within a Round line are accessible with customary or ideally prosaic lenses, too, for a demeanour that’s a bit some-more literally adorned than a normal span of shades.

Round Metal Classic

Based on a pattern that came from a 1960’s and typically gets compared with that period’s counterculture movement, Ray-Ban’s Round Metal Classics underline immature lenses and a skinny handle support in possibly grey or gold. The customary lens choice is somewhat convex though we can also find these with ideally prosaic lenses to give them an even some-more ambiguous (and distinct) look.


An bony cousin to Ray-Ban’s classical Aviators, these prosaic double-bridge shades come in several support finishes — gold, light bronze, black and gunmetal gray. All options come customary with a brand’s classical immature G-15 lenses. If we like a Marshal though wish something with a bit some-more color, check out a Marshal II.

Round Double-Bridge

This impression facilities a skinny combination edge around any lens, that is afterwards wrapped by a handle frame. It’s a bold, fashion-forward style, though if you’re looking for something some-more complicated than a Wayfarer and we never, ever wish to demeanour like Tom Cruise from a distance, these competence be right adult your alley.

Rectangular Shape


Available in 6 colorways, these shades exaggerate nylon frames — flexible, lightweight — and pull impulse from a strange Wayfarer figure to yield a larger, softer form than their source material. Each support tone choice has a opposite analogous lens, so either we wish slope lenses, G-15s, red-tinted or even mirrored, cruise yourself covered.


The Baloramas initial came out in 1967, and were fast popularized as a wraparound impression ragged by Clint Eastwood in a Dirty Harry series. Granted, these competence demeanour best on a hilly face with a fuzzy 1970s leading-man haircut adult top, though they’re such a cold cross-up between sporty functionality and neat styling that we competence have to ask yourself one question: “Do we feel lucky?”

Predator 2

These competence not wear as simply as a lot of a styles Ray-Ban sells though they unequivocally have some sporty reversion appeal. If you’re unequivocally into 1960s-style wraparound shades, a ultra-lightweight nylon frames and classical G-15 lenses don’t leave many to be desired.


Another pattern innate in a 1960s, a Olympian sunglasses are neat and sophisticated, as during home with a dim fit as they are with a showering fit and drizzling with midcentury panache. Add in Ray-Ban’s classical G-15 lenses and glossy gold-tone frames and you’ll demeanour like a walking tourism ad for a sub-tropical locality we wish we were already in.


Built from a semi-crystalline thermoplastic that Ray-Ban claims is used in aerospace, medical apparatus and automotive impact technology, these rectilinear shades are impressively lightweight, durable and gentle to wear. You can get a polycarbonate lenses in a china mirrored finish or a classical G-15, and they’ll come customary with an oleophobic cloaking that repels water, dirt and smudges.


With nylon frames and your choice of lens meant to accompany we on outside pursuits, these sporty shades underline a confidant profile, durable construction and lightweight design. And like many sunglasses from Ray-Ban, these are accessible in several colors and mixed lens variants to fit your tastes and eye-protection needs.

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