The Bold Hair Styles and Hair Accessories Stars Wore on a Red Carpet in 2017

Stars haven’t been holding behind with their hair transformations, generally on a red carpet. From confidant undercuts to flirty ponytails, zero seems to be off-limits for some of a biggest names in Hollywood.

One of those adventurous stars is Viola Davis, who debuted a pixie cut during a 2017 Oscars that she indeed cut progressing that day. “Leave it to Viola Davis to cut her hair a day of a endowment show,” pronounced PEOPLE’s Beauty Editor Jackie Fields on People Now. “They all know they can grow it back. You’re going to see a lot some-more risks like this.”

“This is like slicing your hair a day of your wedding. Let’s conclude she took that kind of risk on her marriage day/Oscars,” PEOPLE’s Style and Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal combined on People Now.

The pivotal to pulling off a confidant new do is to go for something that compliments your personality, that is what Taraji P. Henson did when she rocked an irritable undercut during a 2017 SAG Awards.

“I suspicion this demeanour was totally awesome. It’s totally Taraji. This lady is confident, she’s sexy, and we consider a undercut pronounced it all,” Fields said. “Also we consider as she gets some-more into awards season, she starts shred lines into it. This is only somebody who knows accurately what they wish to do with their hair and we wish some-more people would take risks like that.”

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Jane Fonda’s childish ponytail and bangs combo during a 2017 Emmy’s had everybody articulate since it was a unsure pierce for a 80-year-old actress.

“She was like Barbie in a best approach possible,” Lavinthal said. “Jane Fonda looks half her age and she wore this fun, flirty, witty ponytail and those bangs and it was all anyone could speak about on Emmy’s night.”

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Ruth Negga took her hair character for a 2017 Oscars even serve by adding a crimson wipe to her up-do. Hair accessories are carrying a vital impulse as some-more and some-more luminary hairstylists are conceptualizing their possess lines, according to Fields.

“I consider a whole monochromatic demeanour here is positively stunning,” Fields said.

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