The Best Vertical Stripe Shirts To Buy In 2018

Fashion always rotates what’s trending from one deteriorate to a next, though this summer sees a really verbatim pivot. The classical plane ribbon – a basement of your summer no-brainer, a Breton tip – is rotating by 90 degrees: straight stripes are in. Dissecting all from bomber jackets to shorts to pinstripe suits, this slimming and versatile settlement is easy to dress adult or down, switching between boardroom stiffness, spacious Riviera cold and football-terrace opinion depending on how we character them.

The easiest approach to wear a trend is with a straight ribbon shirt, channelling Armie Hammer’s preppy habit in Call Me By Your Name. A lightweight, linen or string choice with rolled adult sleeves over a tee and chino shorts sets a good change of collegiate cold and loose strand style.

As good as giving we a indicate of disproportion from a Breton Brigade (a demeanour that’s been all though usurped by school-run mums), a straight ribbon shirt also creates we seem taller and some-more like there’s a swimwear model’s physique stealing underneath. Olie Arnold, Mr Porter character executive says, “It offers slimming qualities as a straight line draws a eye adult and down formulating a lengthening effect.’”

The pivotal to achieving this lengthening outcome is customarily down to a breadth of a stripe. Anything too glorious and gloomy in colour will skip a mark, and likewise anything too corpulent can be a tiny some-more pyjama celebration than Riviera reception. And to that end, hang to usually one ribbon per object of clothing, unless you’re feeling adventurous.

Learn Your Stripes

There are a few opposite ways to try a straight ribbon shirt and all move a opposite peculiarity to a look.

Deckchair Stripes

Nothing says a strand utterly like a deckchair on hilly cloudy beach. Deckchairs are a tack of British summer in particular, and their somewhat chunkier straight stripes loll easily on a infrequent shirt. It’s a bolder look, generally with a colour repeat like red and white, though also demeanour for some-more pale options in light greys and pastels, generally on Oxford shirts.


Football Style

Even wider straight stripes are a buttress of football shirts and elicit memories of verbally abusing trusting referees from a terraces in a days before football kits were dirty with betting association logos. With patio conform being co-opted by streetwear brands and others, this character of ribbon is creation a summer send to your shirt collection. As good as far-reaching stripes demeanour for out for options with swapping far-reaching and slight lines.



A primary instance of a confused lines in menswear right now, this bleak boardroom tack has been repurposed as a infrequent square in new years. The Wall Street garland competence still adore a slight bleached ribbon on a dim phony suit, though you’ll also find shirts – grave and infrequent – that give a settlement a most broader appeal.


Banker Stripes

Another character with a story in high finance, these slight stripes have also been cold from dilemma offices and incited into something some-more casual. Still a glorious choice for a operative week, we also have a choice of wearing them for intelligent infrequent weekend events – or, demeanour for an oversized chronicle for a streetwear look. Either way, it’s a sound investment.

House of Fraser

With A Cuban Collar

This type of shirt has turn a buttress of summer wardrobes in a final few years, and a serve of a far-reaching ribbon offers some fifties glamour. Buttoned adult and tucked in looks preppy and finished though a ideal approach to wear this is open with a frail white T-shirt underneath. Pair with some tortoiseshell eyeglasses and a summer cocktail.


The Best Brands For Vertical Stripe Shirts


Preppy aged child Gant started life as a shirtmaker in 1949 and has been doing intelligent straight stripes flattering most ever since. For this brand, it’s not a trend though a permanent fixture. Come here for business casual button-downs with slight landowner stripes or lighter pinstripes for your weekend habit and summer on a Riviera.

Buy Now: £90.00


Spanish high travel aristocrat Mango has upped a menswear charity in a final few years, settling on a European take on a American preppy look. Vertical ribbon shirts fit ideally into that cultured and a code bonds all from high-contrast work shirts, infrequent linen styles and Oxford shirts with a corpulent deckchair stripe.

Buy Now: £35.99

Mr P

Mr Porter’s in-house tag offers a tiny though deliberate collection with a good lane record for subsidy a trends that have staying power. Vertical ribbon shirts are one of them. Mr P leans towards a fifties with a options, boxy in fit, wider in a arms and finished with a Cuban (or camp) collar.

Buy Now: £135.00


High travel heavyweight Topman is guaranteed to take a trend and run with it, so it’s no warn that a offerings are confidant in coming and parsimonious on a fit. All a classical shirt styles are present, the Cuban collar, a intelligent cut and infrequent styles. The colours are loud, a matter done will be a large one.

Buy Now: £30.00

Tommy Hilfiger

For a holiday-ready plug wardrobe, demeanour no serve than preppy America’s homecoming king, Tommy Hilfiger. Famous for durability quality, an glorious cut and a buttoned-up though dispassionate style, it’s a code that can legitimately offer any kind of striped shirt and make it demeanour good. As good as smart casual workwear and spacious Hamptons Oxford shirts, a code also offers oversized and heavily branded options for a logo-loving streetwear customers.

Buy Now: £95.00

Marks and Spencer

With some-more than 500 shirts in a collection, a aged arguable of a British high travel has some-more than a few straight ribbon options to select from. The infancy are intelligent landowner stripes though you’ll also find charming deckchair options and a peculiar Cuban collar, too, generally in a Oliver Cheshire-fronted Autograph collection. Quality construction and permitted prices opposite a board.

Buy Now: £35.00


This 20-year-old American code looks to make bland staples that are as gentle as sportswear. It shirts are a primary example, with baseball-inspired silhouettes display that pinstripes aren’t only for bankers. The tag also offers some-more normal cuts with elementary stripes in wearable colours.

Buy Now: £150.00


Sitting during a costly finish of a high street, Reiss gives we entrance to reward fabrics and a latest cuts though carrying to bombard out on full engineer prices. Its straight stripes are possibly pointy and high contrast, sitting best underneath a intelligent blazer; or, they’re breezy, charming and some-more than expected underline a Cuban collar.

Buy Now: £85.00

Charles Tyrwhitt

If we wish to equivocate boxy Cuban collars and go traditional, opting for a landowner ribbon shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt is not a bad idea. The code excels during buttoned-up 9-5 sauce though does so though a bleak prices. Offered in slim and classical fits, demeanour for a poplin wobble that’s breathable and also a string to iron.

Buy Now: £19.95


Parisian scenester code A.P.C. is famous for profitable really tighten courtesy to a catwalk and a interpretations are classical with civic sum finished in lush fabrics. Its straight ribbon shirts gaunt toward midcentury styling, either it’s a workwear-inspired overshirt or a confidant infrequent square that belongs in a neon-lit bowling alley.

Buy Now: £175.00


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