The Best Fashion Instagrams of a Week: Dua Lipa, Cardi B, and More

It seems that Dua Lipa had utterly a eventful week. After behaving during a American Music Awards⁠—where a British thespian also snuggled adult to her lover Anwar Hadid⁠—she headed to another stage, this time opposite a universe in Sydney, Australia to perform during a ARIA Awards. Her Bondi beach attire? Lipa overwhelmed down on a Aussie silt wearing a span of colorful blue and china Muay Thai shorts and a curled black T-shirt from British tag Mimi Wade, printed with a designer’s possess initial name. Another chairman who was bustling behaving this week was Cardi B, who thanked her fans for her AMA and Soul Train awards around Instagram. In cheeky-chic—and ideally Cardi B—style, she seemed wearing a dress with a plush towel wrapped around her head, elevating a après-bath demeanour with a span of swinging earrings and flier sunglasses. Her final appendage of choice? The pineapple sculpture she hold in place of her trophy.

Someone else happily enjoying some downtime was Bella Hadid, who ’grammed herself unresolved with best crony Fanny Bourdette Donon. The giveaway that they were relaxing in balmier climes came by approach of a pair’s matching, striking cut-out swimsuits, designed by Central Saint Martins connoisseur and South Carolina-native Louisa Ballou.

A final picture to turn out your week with came pleasantness of Tracee Ellis Ross. The singer was also somewhere warm, and positively was dressed for her sun-soaked surroundings. Sitting on a pool rug with a lifelike nightfall and palms as a background, a singer wore an orange hoodie, bubblegum pinkish pants, and yellow slip sandals. She captioned a ’gram with: “Just perplexing to compare with Mother Nature.” Take that as some flattering character impulse (and words) to dress by this Thanksgiving weekend.

Here, see some-more of a best conform Instagrams of a week.

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